The Deserter
By Paul Almond

This riveting tale follows 100 years of Canadian history as seen through the eyes of a settler's family. The story is based on Almond's  great-0grandfather, a deserter from the British Navy, who jumped ship in the middle of winter.  Thomas Manning's leap into uncertainty begins an adventure into the wilderness; he's a brave man who risks everything for the possibility of a new, better life.

 ©Photo by Lois Siegel
Paul Almond

Almond is best known as a film and television director. He has directed and produced over 130 television dramas for the CBC, BBC, ABC and Granada Television. He directed the first Tennessee William's play permitted on television, "The Rose Tattoo."  He wrote, directed and produced
 "Seven Up," often mistakenly attributed to his assistant at the time, Michael Apted.  In the film,
a group of 14 British children aged seven, from widely ranging backgrounds, are interviewed about
a number of subjects. The assumption was that each child's social class predetermined their  future.
Apted continued the series of six films, following the children into adulthood at sever-year intervals to determine how their lives and attitudes changed.

Paul Almond now lives on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec and Malibu, California.

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