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by Alan Bennett

by John Gregory Dunne

Essays about American Life

AA Gill is Away
by A. A. Gill

"My editor asked me what I wanted from journalism and I said the first thing that came into my head--I'd like to interview places. To treat a place as if it were a person, to go and listen to it, ask it questions, observe it the way you would interview a politician or a pop star," Gill writes.
Readers are treated to an account of his vacations to places like famine-stricken Sudan, the pornography studios of California's San Fernando Valley, the dying Aral Sea or the seedy parts of Kaliningrad.

A great read....

Hymn to Old Age
by Hermann Hesse

Quite striking essays and poems by Hermann Hess.
His writing is full of description, perception and charm.
He tackles the problem of old age head on, without flinching.
Must read: A Small Boy and Reunion with Nina

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by Susan Sontag

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