Academic Films for the Classroom
A History
by Geoff Alexander

 by John Gregory Dunne
Behind the Scenes with the film "Up Close and Personal" (1996)
 starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert Redford. 
How the script developed. It took eight years to get the film made.

In 1967, John Gregory Dunne asked for unlimited access
to the inner workings of Twentieth Century Fox. 
Miraculously, he got it. 
For one year, Dunne went everywhere and talked to everyone in the studio.

The Studio

Photo by Naomi Eszterhas

Joe Eszterhas

American Rhapsody

The Devil's Guide to Hollywood

Hollywood Animal

True Confessions of a Film Critic
by Robert Fontaine
General Store Publishing House
Also available through your
local bookstores.

Robert Fontaine

Robert Fontaine grew up in the sixties in a house where movies were woven into the family fabric — all-night marathons at the drive-in and Saturday matinee double bills were treasured family outings, eagerly anticipated and energetically discussed afterwards. In retrospect it seems inevitable that he would gravitate toward film studies and broadcasting. Robert has been a freelance writer-broadcaster for the past twenty years, reviewing films for CBC Radio and covering jazz for Radio-Canada in Ottawa.
Passionate about movies and music, Robert is also a working drummer and has led his own jazz quartet since 2009. Married, he lives in Gatineau with his wife, Sylvie and their son, David.
Their large Lab mix, Buffie, enjoys light classical music
and watching Wallace and Gromit cartoons.

The Film Club
by David Gilmour

The perfect book for all film buffs...
You will experience a nostalgia
for all the best films you've ever seen,
and you will discover some you
may have inadvertently missed.

A Star Is Found
Our Adventures Casting Some of Hollywood's Biggest Movies
by Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins

An in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at casting for films.
What are the challenges, what do casting directors look for,
what is the process of selecting actors for a film.

Drama: An Actor's Education
by John Lithgow

An excellent read - following the development
of a very talented actor - spanning many decades,
from a small-town banker in "Terms of Endearment"
to a very creepy serial killer in "Dexter."
The characters he creates take him everywhere.
In one film, he's a transsexual, in another, he's a football player.

Hollywood Dressed & Undressed:
A Century of Cinema Style

By Sandy Schreier

A very humorous book
 about the costume designers and
the people who wore the clothes


The Romance of Transgression in Canada
Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas
by Thomas Waugh

McGill-Queen’s University Press

A history of sexual representation on the
large and small screen in English Canada and Quebec

©Photo by Frank Vitale
Bozo, Frank (with camera), Stephen and Brawley (far right)

Montreal Main (Book)
A Queer Film Classic
By Thomas Waugh and
Jason Garrison

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