Was it Good for You?
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Terry Mosher creates the best political
cartoons for the Montreal Gazette under the pen name Aislin.

American Rhapsody

The Condensed Joe Eszterhas Review
Joe Eszterhas

Meet Voltaire - Not the French writer/philosopher
but an adorable Cocker Spaniel born in Canada.

Voltaire loves to travel. He even has his own passport.
And he's the ideal tour guide
because he's familiar with the major sites.
Pet lovers will be delighted to make his acquaintance.


Foul Matter by Martha Grimes
Viking 2003
Literary Humor
ISBN: 067003259X
A picaresque romp through the cut-throat activities
 of the publishing business.
The mob guys are the best,
as they enter the world of literature, packing heat.

Operating Instructions
by Anne Lamott

One of the funniest books I've read.
It's endearing and overwhelming at the same time.
Lamott expresses true feelings about  her relationship
 with motherhood and caring for Sam, her new baby.
Babies shit and throw up a lot;
Lamott gives us an  honest account of that first year with Sam.
And, as you might suspect,
 it's not all a bowl of cherries.

Teacher Man
by Frank McCourt

A terrific book, filled with humor and humanity,
reflecting the experiences McCourt faced
while teaching high school English for 30 years
 in  New York City.

 He shares his ideas about education
 and how teachers are treated in the system.
And he keeps us rolling with laughter in the classroom aisles
as he relates his wonderful stories of how he
induces his students to learn a few things about life.

One story is about an incident that happened
on his first day in the classroom.
Two students were arguing over a bologna sandwich, and it ended up flying through the air and landing on his desk.

"And there's the bologna sandwich. What are you going to do about a situation like that? No professor at NYU told us what to do about flying bologna sandwiches. They don't get into that. They have a higher level philosophy of education.
But there's a sandwich. What are you going to do?"

 McCourt picked it up and ate it.
 And that got the attention and respect of his students.

"That was the breakthrough," McCourt said. "No teacher had ever been seen at 9 a.m. eating a bologna sandwich.

Complete & Utter Failure
A Celebration of Also-Rans, Runners-Up, Never-
Weres and Total Flops
by Neil Steinberg

The ultimate tragi-comedy. You won't stop laughing.

"Failure can be a guide, helping us shake off erroneous generalities
 and briskly contemplate the face of things that  otherwise are too often ignored
- a handy tool  to dredge up the forgotten and to celebrate the shunned."

He describes his genre as "historio-comedio-autobio-something-or-other."

The Partly Cloudy Patriot
by Sarah Vowell

Vowell has a wonderful take on the world, childhood, politics, city life, cinema, history, nerds and anything else that strikes her.

Never a dull moment, you'll laugh out loud at her mini-sketches as she offers her view of the world with a critical, humorous eye.

The book also offers incite into our lives.

"Life is about an emotional connection to people and things, and it doesn't matter where you are on the globe."

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