©Estate of Diane Arbus
Diane Arbus

by Patricia Bosworth

Richard Avedon Photographs 1946 - 2004

An Autobiography
Richard Avedon

Veruschka, Dress by Kimberly, New York, January 1967

Avedon: The Sixties
by Doon Arbus and Richard Avedon

A wonderful collect of portraits from the 60s, an era of turmoil and change,
focusing on the movers and shakes of the times.

Abbie Hoffman, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan, Viva, Andy Warhol, Tom Hayden, Edward Albee,
Norman Mailer, Tennessee Williams, Tina Turner, Henry Kissinger, Joan Baez
- the list goes on....

Life on a Press Pass
by Lynn and Doug Ball

Two brothers, renowned news photographers, Lynn and Doug Ball,
documented Canada's social history over 40 years.
The book is a must-read for all Canadian historians and photojournalists.

George Harrison in 1964
 by Lynn Ball

Photo highlights include Pierre Trudeau's pirouette behind the Queen,
and  the first tours of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

 Keen eye on history

Photographers caught in book bind

Photographers share secrets behind enduring photos

by Jane Bown

Jane Bown photographing American Playwright Arthur Miller (right)
with Bob Peck (2nd from right) and English Actor Helen Mirren (centre)
by Nigel Tanburn

British Photographer who has worked for The Observer newspaper
 since 1949. Known for her portraits of famous people.

Mick Jagger

Curtin Call
A Photographer's Candid View of 25 Years of Music in Canada
by Walter Curtin

 "At school, I had to sing Schubert's "Trout." 
I still could not carry a tune.  I began to hate both the composer and his fish."
Walter Curtin

Photo by Philippe Halsman

Magnum Photos

Magnum is an international photographic cooperative founded in
1947 by photographers Henri-Cartier Bresson, Robert Capa, David Seymour, George Rodger, and William Vandivert.

Photo by Bruce Davidson

Canada Canada
Rip Hopkins

A Portrait of Canada and Canadians
"I wanted to get as close as possible
to people's everyday lives...."
"To truly convey reality, you need to spend
a lot of time with the people you

Picture This!: The Inside Story and Classic Photos of UPI Newspictures
by Gary Haynes

Foreword by Walter Cronkite.

Written and compiled by a veteran United Press International photographer and editor, PICTURE THIS! tells the stories behind the stories—and how some of the most iconic and revealing news pictures of the late 20th century came to be.

There are powerful photographs of the Civil Rights struggles, the Vietnam War, and great moments in sports, entertainment, and politics.

PICTURE THIS! follows the development of the wire picture services, the storied competition between smaller but scrappier UPI and its far larger competitor, Associated Press, and how UPI's 11.5 million-picture library ended up in a Pennsylvania cave, owned by Bill Gates' Corbis.

The Arts/Photography

256 pages
8-2/3 x 10

Private View
Inside Baryshnikov's American Ballet Theatre
By John Fraser
Photographs by Eve Arnold

Mikhail Baryshnikov and Kathleen Moore
Rehearsing for the Premiere of  Mark Morris's
"Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes"

Lord Snowdon

Hong Kong - Portraits of Power
by Evelyn Huang and Lawrence Jeffery
November 1995
Weidenfeld & Nicolson

With formal, posed portraits by Lord Snowdon, this book presents the lives Hong Kong's elite leaders. Twenty-six interviews present exceptional people - how they became who they are,  and what they thought would happen after the transition to Chinese rule in Hong Kong. 
The book appeared before the 1997 change of power.

Public Appearances


Snowdon on Stage

A Personal View of the British Theatre

Wim Wenders: Places, Strange And Quiet

The photographs are haunting, the short accompanying paragraphs
describe other worlds we have not previously visited.


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