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Lois Siegel

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©Photo by Paul Jean
Valentine's Day 2010



                star  Stars star
               Photography by Lois Siegel 

Hugh Grant                              Sophia Loren 
                              British Actor, 1987
   Italian Actress, 2001

Celadon Salon & Spa
373 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 746-3500

Friday, February 8-
Vernissage, Friday, February 8,  6 – 8 p.m. 2019

Show continues until June, 2019




Tickets may be purchased at the door


Event: 5567 Manotick Main St, Manotick, ON K4M 1A5

Siegel was named one of the Capital City's Top 50:
People who are shaping the future of the National Capital
by Ottawa Life Magazine
, 2002

Image result for music symbols
Lois is on the President’s Advisory Network
 of Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Ottawa


St. Andrews Review

Digital & Print Chapbooks

Six Stories, by Lois Siegel, is the 14th issue
in a special series of digital and print chapbooks
to honor the poets and writers who have published in the
St. Andrews Review or through
the St. Andrews University Press since 1969.


St. Andrews University
(A Branch of Webber International University)
Laurinburg, North Carolina

Now available






Siegel Entertainment
Vancouver Island

One-Stop Shopping 

Representing Musicians and Other Entertainers 
Including Children's Percussion Workshops



Quiet Revolution Pictures

His Master's Voice

Lois Siegel, Set Photographer



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©Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel
Canada Day 2013
Hair by Joseph Saikaley
Byblos Health & Wellness

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Lighting by Frederic Dekkal


Erin Chapman, Model
Azadeh, Makeup
Sam, Hair
Joseph Saikaley, Art Director


Lois Siegel has been recognized as
Notable Alumni by Ohio University, USA
under the category Arts and Entertainment

Work is widely recognizable by broad audience
or has achieved national/international distinction
Lois Siegel, BSJ  MA , filmmaker, casting director, writer, photographer,
professor, and musician; 1990 Genie Award recipient for
Best Short Documentary
(Film: Stunt People), Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television


Photo by Bill Pugsley

Laurence Wall, CBC Senior Producer
Lois Siegel, Joan Forbes

Special Recognition Citation
Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra


Photo by Lois Siegel

World Arts Film Festival
Jacksonville, Florida
October 2015


Photo by Lois Siegel, April 2015

Canadian politician and Order of Canada recipient
Flora MacDonald
 July 26, 2015


Photo by Fred Dekkal

Museum of History
Grand Hall
Michaëlle Jean


Canadian Federation of University Women

Photo by Paul Jean
Front Row - Carole Hinde, Patricia O'Flaherty, Sue Roseman, 
Jean Chapman, Sue Holloway (Instructor), 
Lois Siegel
Middle Row - Ann Flynn, Margaret MacKay, Adell Hay, Janice Friso, 
Freda Godby, Fran Harding, Leila Metcalf, Margaret Bott, Marie Riopelle
Back Row - Muriel Scott-Smith, Britta Jarvis, Kringen Henein
Mary Partington, Carol Bell Thompson, Mary Wilkinson, Linda Douglas
Not Pictured:
 Beth Doubt, Laureen Silke, Sheila Pepper

One of the Top 16 Fundraising Teams
 out of 185 to be Invited to Race in the
Friday Night Carmello's Charity Challenge Cup
Mooney's Bay



Photo by Errol McGihon, Ottawa Sun
Margaret MacKay, Muriel Scott-Smith, Lois Siegel, Patricia O'Flaherty

Photo by Paul Jean
Front Row: Lois Siegel, Angela Rodzinyak, Adell Hay, Janice Friso, Ann Flynn,
                                 Carol Bell Thompson, Kringen Henein, Wanda Nowosielski, Fran Harding

One of the Top 16 Fundraising Teams
Invited to Race in the Friday Night
Challenge Cup
Mooney's Bay

Photo by Paul Jean

Front row (Kneeling): Lois Siegel, Jennifer Hasson, Liz Weber,
Wanda Nowosielski,
Laureen Silke, Ann Flynn, Kringen Henein
Back row (Standing): Sue Roseman,
Doreen Dyck, Gail Christison,
Adell Hay,
Kathy Greiner, Leila Metcalf, Beth Doubt, Jennifer Rose, Esther Earle
Patricia O'Flaherty, Sheila Pepper,
Liza Zaslavsky,
Iza Morawiecka, Jennifer Rae                   


©Photo by Paul Jean
Terry Mosher (Aislin) Lois Siegel, Bill Lee
Clocktower Brew Pub
July 12, 2014

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Diana (Bill Lee’s wife), Cartoonist
Terry Mosher (Aislin),
Dave Gourlay - President of the Ottawa Champions & President
of the Miracle League of Ottawa The Miracle League
Spaceman Bill Lee (Former Pitcher Montreal Expos),
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson
The Miracle League of Ottawa Fundraiser
Clocktower Brew Pub
July 2014


©Photo by Lois Siegel
Johnny Winter
Rolling Stone



Lois worked with elementary school children in Jacksonville, Florida
 February 2014

This was part of the Grasp program. Four schools participated – four classes
of kids who are dyslexic.  They created Public Service Announcements
 and from their ideas, Lois created scripts for them.
All the students were the actors. The cameraman was from
Baltimore, Maryland and the acting coaches were from St. Augustine, Florida.
There was also a production assistant from Jacksonville.

This project was in conjunction with the World Arts Film Festival. 
The Grasp project culminated at the World Arts Film Festival May 15-17,2014
when all four schools (110 students) met each other
for the first time, showed their films, and shared their experiences.

Filmmaker Lois Siegel with a student at the World Arts Education Student Film Workshop
 in Jacksonville, Florida.

The project was featured at the World Arts Film Festival, May 2014.

Lois also led drawing-on-film workshops at the festival,
 working with groups of school kids from all over the city.

World Arts Film Festival presented by non-profit World Arts Education,
highlights the creativity of established to first-time directors
of all ages and abilities, inviting them to
meet and mentor each other and their audiences through this new venue. 
3 Days, Over 100 Short Films, Director's Panels, Film Industry Workshops,
Parties and Awards! in Jacksonville, Florida. 


©Photo by Lois Siegel
Freddy Dixon
The Ottawa Valley Country Music
Hall Of Fame Awards Show



Sens Unique

Canada Day
Petrie Island, Orleans
July 1, 2013

French Canadian Tunes


Photo by Paul Jean
Michel-Andre Vallieres, Chantale Gaudet-Rice
 Lois Siegel with Mop-Top Jane, Ugly Stick


Children's Percussion Workshop


Rideau Rural Roots Festival
Smith Falls, Ontario

Photo by Victor Turco

Jean-Daniel Lafond, Husband of 
Michaëlle Jean
 Lois Siegel, Photographer

Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada 2005-2010
Christmas, 2011

Photo by Corporal Isabel Paré

Front Row:  Lois Siegel, Marie-Chantale Turgeon, Jacques Bensimon
 Jacques Languirand,
Their Excellencies the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean and Mr. Jean-Daniel Lafond
Sylvie Lalande, Mark Starowicz,
Phillip Rista Nimmons, Dr. André H. Caron

Middle Row: Gregor Ash, Maria Yongmee Shin, Herv
é Fisher
, Sara Diamond
Narendra Pachkhede,
Hanno Lemke,
Nicholas Bencherki,  Dr. Gerri Sinclair, Michael Griffin, Ana Serrano

Back Row: Tom Perlmutter, Philippe Baylaucq, Daniel Cross, Yves Bisaillon
 Nicole Dumais, Harold Redekopp, Cameron Bailey, Alex "Gadget" Berthelot
Letizia Caronia,  Patricia Bergeron,  Raja Khanna, Sébastien Barangé

Rideau Hall 2006
Art Matters

Lois Siegel is a freelance film director, writer, and photographer.
She also plays fiddle, bodhran and spoons with The Lyon Street Celtic Band,
Celtic North, Fiddle Chicks
Sens Unique


She taught Video Production at the University of Ottawa for 18 years

University of Ottawa
Department of Communication
Video Production
Watch Videos

Siegel's film STUNT PEOPLE
 (featuring the Fournier family)
 won a 1990 Genie Award: Best Short Documentary
 from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

©Photo by Paul Jean
Tie and Scarf by Rosemary Hayes
Vest by May Walton
Robbie Burns Day 2013

James Baxter, Hugh Winsor, Philip Gibson, Lois Siegel,
and Past President Sheila Copps
were elected to
the National Press Club of Canada Foundation Executive Board

Lois was formerly on the Executive Board of the
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association


Siegel was one of nine photographers chosen to shoot
The Rolling Stones concert

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Official Photographer Canadian Association of Journalists
Awards Gala, 2012
Bon Appetit

The Ottawa International Animation Festival

Annual Picnic

Pumpkin Carving Competition



Photo by Lois Siegel
Bob Rae

Travers Debates


Dave's Drum Shop

Drum Clinic

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Virgil Donati
May 2013


Award-Winning Children’s Television

Lois Siegel acted in an episode  of "The Prime Radicals,"
a children’s educational television series on TVOntario.
Lois played a movie director opposite 19-year-old Alanna Bale
who plays Alanna in the production. The Prime Radicals demonstrates
how math can be applied in everyday contexts. It features two cousins,
 Alanna and Kevin, who help their Uncle Norm solve his weekly
workshop problems with the help of an expert and
 a mathematical solution. This new live-action series for
kids aged 6-8 is compelling and entertaining – never didactic –
and uses humorous, hands-on, real-world scenarios to make
numbers cool for kids, based on the math curriculum for young learners. 
 Filming took place at GAPC Entertainment in Ottawa.  


Lois appears in Episode #13, 2013



Lois Siegel
World Arts Film Festival
Museum of Contemporary Art
Drawing on Film Workshops
Jacksonville, Florida

Lois attended the World Arts Film Fest in Jacksonville, Florida April 2013.
She led animation workshops with students from Douglas Anderson High School
of the Arts
, Montessori, and various groups of autistic children.
She also participated in a panel of women filmmakers.



Lois returned to Jacksonville, February 2014 to work with the Grasp program.
Four schools participated - four classes of kids who are dyslexic. 
They created Public Service Announcements and from their ideas,
Lois created film scripts. All the students were the actors.
The cameraman was from Baltimore, Maryland and the acting coaches
were from St. Augustine, Florida. There was also a production assistant
from Jacksonville. This project was in conjunction with the
World Arts Film Festival.  The Grasp project culminates at the
World Arts Film Festival 2014 when all four schools
(110 students) meet each other for the first time,
show their films and share their experiences.


©Photo by Lois Siegel

Canadian companies representatives recognized by Lockheed Martin
 for their participation in the F-35 program. Left to right:
Peter Timeo, Dan Snyder, Michael Cybulski, Larry Glenesk, Tom Elias,
Claude Baril, Jean Gravel, Gabe Batstone, Steve O'Bryan (Lockheed Martin),
Kevin Russell, Mike Dorricott, Mark Van Rooij, Dave Mitchell, Doug Dubowski,
Randy Joe, Scott McCrady (CNW Group/Lockheed Martin).

was one of the judges for the
Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA), Annual Digital Competition,
2012, and for an R.A. Club Competition, 2013.


 This off-beat movie is the satirical story of a once-famous painter
who rediscovers inspiration after he befriends a sleepwalking cannibal
named Eddie.

Photos by Lois Siegel

"Eddie" stars Thure Lindhart as Lars
(Angels & Demons, Into The Wild)

Dylan Smith
(300, Love & Savagery)

Jordan Krakower

Transporting Body Parts
John McAlpine posing as the lead’s body double

National Premiere – Ottawa
Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal
Empire Cinema, Rideau Centre
Director, stars and producer in attendance

Lois Siegel, Unit Publicist and Set Photographer


Lois Siegel is the Official Photographer for
the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship

©Photo  by Lois Siegel
 Louis Schryer



Canadian Grand Masters
Fiddling Association
Musical Entertainment and Auction Fundraiser

25th Anniversary

Canadian Grand Masters
Fiddling Association
Musical Entertainment and Auction Fundraiser


Photo by Jennifer McIntosh, Metroland

 Lois Siegel, a local filmmaker and photographer,
is pictured talking with high school girls about her profession at a
Skills Canada Networking Dinner held at Algonquin College, 2012.


Caricature by Dean Lewis
Inner Harbour Causeway
Victoria, B.C.

Lois Siegel:  Because She Can

©Photo by Mike Levin

Baseball Girls

Directed by Lois Siegel

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Michele Granger

From 7-year-olds playing baseball, learning the rules of the game,
 to 60-year-olds  playing slo-pitch softball, BASEBALL GIRLS
explores the private and professional lives of women obsessed
with the sport they love.  Using animation, archival stills
and live-action footage, this zany and affectionate
 feature documentary details the history of women's participation
in the largely male-dominated world of baseball and softball.

DVD Now Available

NFB site
and on

To Purchase

Baseball Girls


List Price: $19.95

"Smart, strong and snappy, much like its subjects." Eye Magazine

"Baseball Girls is a winner" Toronto Star
"Remember, Diamonds are a girls' best friend" Toronto Sun
"A zany, action -packed documentary" The Gazette
"A well-made, engaging documentary about women,
both past and present,  playing baseball." Hollywood reporter
"Penetrating and altogether entertaining.. focusing on
women who live and breathe
 the game of baseball." Take One

Baseball Girls on TV

Oxygen, the new women's TV network in the States,
 produced by The National Film Board of Canada and
directed by Lois Siegel.
The film aired on the network 2000-2002.
Oxygen is partially owned by Oprah Winfrey.

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Pelham Sportaculars
Fairfax, Virginia
 National Capital Senior Softball Classic, Runner-Up, Women's Division
 Representing Canada




80 min 45 s

Produced by Silva Basmajian

Canadian residents can order directly from the NFB or call 1-800-267-7710.
In the U.S. call 1-800-542-2164.

The film is also available through the Ottawa Public Library, Canada.

 "Baseball Girls" is now available online - National Film Board of Canada

A Blog Interview by Albert Ohayon 


Lois Siegel's film "Stunt Family" Now Online
The National Film Board of Canada site



English Blog

French Blog

1978-ONF Vignettes - Les Cascadeurs

Photo by Tatiana Slepukhin-Zamachnaia

Ottawa Chamberfest

Festival Video
Photos by Bill Blackstone and Lois Siegel
Produced by Lois Siegel
Johann Sebastian Bach
James Ehnes, Violin

Celtic North

©Photo by Paul Jean

 Marie Deziel:   Accordion, Fiddle
Lois Siegel:  Fiddle, Spoons, Bodhran
  Dan Perkins: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Bodhran

Announcing Celtic North's
First CD Release


The members of Celtic North are fortunate to live
 in the Ottawa/Gatineau area
where “traditional” music is a wonderful mix of
Irish, Scottish, and French tunes. 
In this, our first recording, we have collected
some of our favourite melodies,
with a couple of well-known songs thrown
in for good measure.  


Tunes include
Irish Washerwoman, Auprès de ma blonde, Scotland the Brave,
Loch Lomond, Morrison's, The Girl I Left Behind Me
Hangman's Reel


Celtic North isn't their day job, but as their new CD shows,
they certainly have flair....
"Celtic North" is a very good first CD.  It contains a variety of tunes,
mainly Irish and Scottish, with a few French pieces....
The playing is lively and catchy; the instrumentation creative.
Reuel S. Amdur
"Celtic Life" Magazine
heir day

Your CD is great--such lively "fun time" music.
Good recording, and you all sound fantastic.
Dayle Reynolds
Ottawa, Canada


Really like the CD... the arrangements are wonderful,
the blend of instruments is SO smooth,
and the interwoven melodies are beautiful.
Joe Berman

Athens, Ohio

"French influences add uniqueness to Celtic North's debut album"
Dan Plouffe
Orleans Star
Ottawa, Canada

Price: $15.00 + U.S. and Canada
Shipping and Handling $8 = $23.00

Lois Siegel

(613) 830-2509



Celtic North
Rogers TV
March 2010 

Le Cordon Bleu
Present in 15 countries with more than 27 schools
 attended by more than 20,000 students annually

The schools employ 450 chefs, including 80 Master Chefs

©Photo by Lois Siegel, 2010
Lighting by Victor Turco

Beignets de Gambas

Lois Siegel photographed a series of food photos
for a textbook,
"Cuisine Foundations,"
 by Delmar Cengage Learning.

Classic Recipes
The Chefs of Le Cordon Bleu

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Lighting by Victor Turco

Photo Shoot Byblos Health & Wellness

©Photo by Victor Turco

The Ottawa Citizen
December 15, 2008
Dear CRTC, I don't want calls

Telemarketers finding ways through Do Not Call list

CTV National
A Loophole in the 'Do Not Call' Registry
January 23, 2009
Story: Do Not Call List

Global TV

"News Hour," January 13. 2009
Story: Do Not Call List 

"News Hour," January 14, 2009
Story: Do Not Call List

Globe and Mail
January 23, 2009
Fraudsters Abusing Do-Not-Call List


Lois was presented with The Twenty-Fourth Annual
Ethel N. Fortner Writer and Community Award
by St. Andrew's University
 a branch of Webber International University
 formerly St. Andrews Presbyterian College,

September 24, 2009

The Ethel N. Fortner Writer and Community Awards were instituted
 in 1986 to honor a friend of writers and frequent contributor
 to the St. Andrews Review. Fortner earned a Master of Arts degree
from Columbia University in New York. After a career in teaching
at the Oregon School of the Blind, she and her husband
moved to Estacada, Ore. She committed herself to writing
and became editor of Human Voice Quarterly. A frequent contributor
to the St. Andrews Review, she was the earliest benefactor
of the St. Andrews Press. She believed that a full community
embraced and encouraged the craft of writing.

Lois was a guest speaker at
St. Andrew's University,
 Laurinburg, North Carolina
where she showed her films and spoke at the Writers' Forum.

St. Andrew's University is a four-year, church-related,
co-educational liberal arts and sciences institution,
 serving traditional and non-traditional students
from diverse national, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
The College offers residential and nonresidential
undergraduate degree programs, certification programs, and
special training programs. One of the first campuses designed
 to be accessible, St. Andrews takes particular pride in its
 historical commitment to accommodating students
with physical disabilities.

by Mason Tate

Writer's Forum
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Once again, Lois Siegel appeared at the Writer's Forum.
She talked about her work as a freelance photographer and showed her
feature documentary film "Lip Gloss"

Directed by Lois Siegel

LIP GLOSS is a documentary introducing a behind-the-scenes look
 at female impersonators.
There's something for everyone: long legs, swivel hips, stuffed girdles,
and bouffant hairdos.
LIP GLOSS exposes the lives of transvestites, transsexuals,
drag queens and female impersonators.
Shop with them for lingerie and high heels, meet them backstage
as they transform from male to female, learn about their
 "extra curricular" occupation and family life.

Lois Siegel previously worked as a freelance photographer for
The Ottawa Citizen.
She covered diplomatic/embassy events, art shows, parties.....
She also wrote and photographed for Capital Style Magazine.
She currently writes film reviews for
The Glebe Report

Her photographs are displayed on the Saatchi Gallery,
London, England, website.
You can view her work here:

Saatchi Gallery

Lois Siegel
Canadian Women's Open
Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

©Photo by Ron Levine
Prisoners of Age

Web Pages



©Photo by By Fred Sherwin

Book Addicts

©Photo by Darren Brown
Casting Director
Lois Siegel

Digital Magic
By Lois Siegel

Retouch Your
Old Family Photos

Fiddle Farmers

by Lois Siegel

Film Fanatics

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Food Fiends



Ottawa Rocks
Movers and Shakers

Photo Addicts

©Photo by Roy Hooper

Photography by Lois Siegel

Ottawa Citizen

Photo by Lois Siegel

Photo by Lois Siegel
The Ottawa Business Journal

Photo by Lois Siegel
Metroland Media

Capital Style Magazine

©Photo by Lois Siegel

The Glebe Report

The Kitchissippi Times

Photo by Lois Siegel


©Photo by Lois Siegel
Hugh Grant

Candid and Art Photos

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Airbrush Coloring by Mike Tonic

Photos by Lois Siegel

Les Violons du Roy
"Ode to a Requiem"
Film directed by Don Winkler, produced by Craig Graham
Premiere CBC "Opening Night" Series
April 2007

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Wedding and Special Event Photography

To inquire about licensing or purchasing prints of my photos,
or to commission services, please contact:  lois@siegelproductions.ca

©Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel

Web Page Design
by Lois Siegel

©Photo by Charles Frost
Divertimento Orchestra

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Calvin Sieb

The Development of a Violinist

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Brian Hebert

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Winnie Chafe


Dr. Hugues Boivin

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Herschel Payne
The Development of an Artist

"Gambling Boys"

Documentary aired on The Passionate Eye
CBC News Network
 March 7, 2010

 Gambling Boys

Gambling Boys, a documentary produced by EyeSteelFilm,
delves in to the world of teen gambling, a world that offers excitement,
the potent allure of making big money, and as many are discovering,
the potential for serious addiction problems. 


With the barrage of marketing campaigns,
television coverage of poker tournaments,
and easy access to online gaming, it is no surprise that teens
are increasingly affected. 
Experts are finding that the rate of problem gamblers among young people
is two to four times higher than for adults. 


Gambling Boys features three youths ranging in age from 14 to 20 years old.

These teens share their experiences with the thrill of gambling
and the tragic consequences when the betting gets out of control.


Gambling Boys, directed and written by Laura Turek,
offers a poignant and lively picture of teens’ fascination with gambling
and the harsh consequences of getting hooked.
The film was produced by Sally Bochner and Tamara Lynch,  
and executive producers Mila Aung Thwin and Daniel Cross. 

Lois Siegel: Still Photography and Research

Produced by EyeSteelFilm in association with CBC

Selected to Premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival 2007
Family Motel

Siegel recently worked as Casting Director for the alternative-drama
“Family Motel,” a co-production between Instinct Films, Montreal,
and The National Film Board of Canada. The film is
a sympathetic look
at what happens to families when, in spite of all their efforts,
the rent is too high, and their salaries are too low.


Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois:
Alex and Ruth Dworkin Prize
for a Film that Promotes Tolerance
Museum of Modern Art, NYC, March 2008

Family Motel is one of the most important and
affecting movies I've ever taken in.
It speaks for the millions of marginalized refugees in the West
 with a degree of realism and authenticity I don't think
I've ever seen on film before.
Five stars for both content and cinematic art."
Alex Shoumatoff, contributing editor,
Vanity Fair





Lois Siegel, Casting Director

Rufus Wainwright sings I'm Runnin (12)

Actors and Crew
Lois 2nd row, 2nd from left

Writers: Susan Stranks, Lois Siegel, Ron Allen, Hoda Elatawi

After fifty years of acting, Plummer's star burns brighter than ever.
 In 2002, the legendary actor returns to the Stratford Festival as King Lear 
after a career that has spanned film, television and the theatre

A Man for All Stages

General Assembly Production Centre

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Les Violons du Roy
"Ode to a Requiem"
Film directed by Don Winkler, produced by Craig Graham
Premiere CBC "Opening Night" Series
April 2007

starNominated for Two Gemini Awardsstar
Best Performing Arts or Arts Documentary Program

Recognizing achievement in English-language television production

Best Direction in a Performing Arts Program 
starNominated for Two
Gémeaux star

Celebrating excellence in French-language television production

Lois Siegel Stills Photographer


©Photo by Lois Siegel

Filmmaker Lois Siegel appeared at Hopewell Avenue Public School
 in Ottawa.
She taught a Film Animation Flipbook Workshop to Grade 7 students.

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Hopewell is a dynamic school with a long history of success
 in the Old Ottawa South community.



©Photo by Lois Siegel

Ottawa filmmaker Lois Siegel appeared as a guest speaker
 at Douglas Anderson High School of the Arts, Jacksonville, Florida.
  For three days, she taught film animation (drawing on film, flipbooks)
 and spoke about filmmaking and photography.


©Photo by Lois Siegel

Douglas Anderson is an award-winning institution on Florida's
North Atlantic coastfocusing on film, music, theatre and the visual arts.

©Photo by Karen Sadler, ArtLife Productions

Siegel was invited by Karen Sadler, founder of ArtLife Productions,
 a company committed to generating arts events, programs and initiatives
 creating a new vision for the future of art in communities.


©Photo by Thom Fountain

Event of the Year

©Photo by By Charles Frost
Lois  Siegel, Marie Deziel, Dan Perkins, Mike Blakeley

he Grand Finale
Celtic North Performed New Year's Eve 
at the Canadian Museum of Civilization,
Grand Hall, Gatineau, Quebec
 for the 150th Anniversary of the
City of Ottawa
Being Named the Capital by Queen Victoria



©Photo by Kipourax
John Abbott College

Tom Robertson

August Strindberg and Helium

©Photo by  Fred Cattroll
Lois Siegel, Jack Horwitz, Leo Doyle

Chef Alain

Personal Chef

Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli
    The shop is an art gallery, coffee shop,
 restaurant, deli, and gourmet food emporium.     
And don't forget the bagels.

©Photos by Lois Siegel

  © Photo by Lois Siegel
Vince Piazza

Regional Contact
April 30, 2011

You can find items here
 that you can't find anywhere else in town.
Ottawa West

"The Toast of the Town"
Montreal Smoked Meat

Gourmet Gift Baskets


Fruit Liquor

Bagelshop Platter




Vince has the largest selection of dark chocolate
in all of Ottawa.
An entire walkway, the size of a large grocery aisle
is devoted to the darkest and sinful
of chocolaty delights.

Photo by Jackie Newell
Lois Siegel
Hair by Joseph Saikaley

©Photo by Diana Rose
Lois wearing an American Apparel shirt
Courtesy of Dov Charney