Brandy Alexander
Directed by Lois Siegel

BRANDY ALEXANDER is a drinker's delight.
  The film moves through surrealistic space to study the passage of time.
 One sees a fish in pursuit of a banana; a hand with drawers; a show bar, complete with bird bartender; an ear umbrella stand; and a man whose nose ticks like a clock.

Produced by Lois Siegel Productions Inc.
Director Lois Siegel
Technical Director Mike Rixon
Animation Marc Vais
Editor Lois Siegel
Music Composition & Guitar, Jeffrey Bihr; Oboe, Stephen Klein
Sound Daniel Lecomte; Louis Hone, Studio Switch
Voice Gregory Van Riel
Technique Animation
Format 3 minutes, 108 feet, 16mm, color, optical sound
Completed 1976


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