Dialogue of an Ancient Fog
Directed by Lois Siegel


DIALOGUE OF AN ANCIENT FOG is the account of a man without qualities. He's the leftover face in the crowd who collects images, the unwanted images discarded by people without even a glance. He tells us stories as he moves through no particular time toward no particular space.

French Version  Dialogue d'une Brume Antique
Produced by

Lois Siegel Productions Inc., with the assistance of Concordia University
Department of Fine Arts

Director Lois Siegel
Camera Jim Lawrence      
Editor Lois Siegel
Music Jeffrey Bihr
Sound Julian Olson
Narration Martin Kevan, Richard LeClercq
Music Engineer Pierre Groulx
Technique Experimental
Format 6 minutes, 216 feet, 16mm, color, optical sound



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