Extreme Close-Up
Directed by Lois Siegel

Bobby Pickles (drummer)

EXTREME CLOSE-UP is a documentary about young adults who are multi-handicapped, but who have one handicap in common: blindness. The film not only confronts what it is like to be blind but also presents these young people as having discovered self-expression through music.

French Version Un Profond Regard
Produced by

Lois Siegel and John Rudel with the cooperation of The Montreal
Association for the Blind and with the assistance of The National Film
Board of Canada

 and the Rotary Club of Montreal

Director Lois Siegel
Music The Penfield Percussion Ensemble
Editor Lois Siegel
Camera Lois Siegel, Ron Hallis, John Dyer, Larry Lynn           
Sound Paul Turcotte, Ophera Hallis, Mary Armstrong, Mark Sherman
Technique Documentary
Format  20 minutes, 720 feet, 16mm, optical sound, black and white
Completed  1980

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