Directed by Lois Siegel

FIPSI is a documentary about a spunky 80-year-old lady. German born, Irma Garbs-RoggenKamper immigrated to Canada in 1952 with her husband Albert. The film is a memoir of her past, factual and emotional, and the adventures she and Albert experienced in Canada. The Garbs later opened Hanover House Cafe in Morin Heights, a well-known coffee house. Irma's sister Charlotte played piano for Mme. Chiriaeff and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Irma paints, plays the violin and defies defeat. Her account of a diversified life is an inspiring one.

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Produced by Lois Siegel Productions Inc.      
Director Lois Siegel
Camera Daniel Villeneuve
Sound David Ballard, Gabor Vadnay
Music Andre Vincelli
Sound Editing Tony Reed
Editor Lois Siegel
Technique Documentary
Format 23 min., 16mm, optical sound, color
Completed 1990


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