Directed by Lois Siegel

"Inspired" features 17-year-old fiddler Alexis MacIsaac.
She first became excited about playing
 when the Celtic Wave emerged: Natalie MacMaster,
Ashley MacIsaac, and The Rankin Family were influential in her decision to take up fiddle.
Alexis began lessons when she was 10-years old.

This video was designed as her audition tape for Riverdance.
Alexis toured as a fiddler with Riverdance.

Produced by Lois Siegel Productions Inc.
Director Lois Siegel
Music The Golden Tooth, Air, Phil Cunningham
  Larry's Down, Traditional Reel
  Kid on the Mountain, Traditional Slip Jig
Camera Adam Eisenstat, Benjamin Giberson
Editor Adam Eisenstat
Technical Assistance Mireille Leblanc, Eric Desmarais
Featuring Alexis MacIsaac, Fiddle, Paul Hawton, guitar
Technique Documentary
Format 6 Minutes, VHS, Color
Completed 2004


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