Painting With Light
Directed by Lois Siegel

PAINTING WITH LIGHT consists of images produced by moving light.
Techniques include re-filming slides in an animation fashion.
Original slides are time-exposure images of color-filtered light.

The experiment questions whether light can be controlled
in a manner similar to that of the painter-artist.
The use of an optical printed allows some manipulation
or extension of certain scenes.
Also, unmasked negative printing is intercut to
strengthen the 'painting' effect.

Produced by

 Lois Siegel Productions Inc., with the assistance of
The Royal Archives of Belgium, Agfa-Gevaert
and John Abbott College, Ste.-Anne-de-Bellevue, PQ 
Created for The Fifth International Experimental Film Competition, Knokke-Heist, Belgium, 1974-1975

Director Lois Siegel
Assistant Director Mike Rixon
Editor Lois Siegel
Music  1+1+1=1
Technique Experimental
Format   3 minutes, 45 seconds, 135 feet, 16mm, optical sound, color
Completed 1974



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