Pancake on a Hot Tin Roof
Directed by Lois Siegel

Dick Tracy move over. Joe Private is on the scene. PANCAKE ON A HOT TIN ROOF is a detective spoof focusing on Joe Private as the detective who does everything wrong. He is hired by a mysterious lady because someone is trying to kill her. We watch as they meet an array of strange characters during a very unusual sequence of events. Logic or clues have no bearing on the outcome of this suspense drama. PANCAKE ON A HOT TIN ROOF is ultimately a new twist in the history of the detective genre

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Lois Siegel (left) Tom Robertson (Joe Private) (center) with
Derek MacKinnon (right)



Produced by Lois Siegel Productions Inc.
Director Lois Siegel
Starring Tom Robertson, Julie Fenlon and Derek MacKinnon
Screenplay Kevin Tierney
Camera Glen MacPherson
Music Andre Vincelli
Sound Editing Tony Reed

Sylvie Krasker

Editor     Lois Siegel
Technique   Fiction/Comedy
Format 26 min., 936 feet, 16mm, optical sound, color
Completed 1990

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