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Outdoors club takes to the streets with its urban walks program

March 28, 2007
Outdoors club takes to the streets with its urban walks program
The Petrie Island Outdoors Club (PIOC) is bringing back the popular Urban Walks program this spring starting with the first meet of the season happening Wednesday, March 28 at the Orléans Library.
Urban Walks founder Lois Siegel said the program enables older women or people with walking difficulties to get together for a little socializing and exercise as they march along the east end streets. She said the group has got a “very good response” from people who are looking for a less strenuous regime like the one involved in the PIOC hiking program.

“It’s very casual and it’s not like heavy, heavy duty and it’s just people who enjoy walking but don’t want to do the big hills or bug infested areas kind of thing,” Siegel said. “It works fine, we have a good time and we talk and we walk for an hour and it’s open to everyone who joins the PIOC.”

Siegel said the walks attracted at least two to five people during last year's outings, but she has been getting numerous inquiries from people interested in participating this spring. She added the great thing about the walks is it caters to each person’s ability to attend.

“We keep it very flexible for this group,” she said. “Some of the other PIOC activities meet every Thursday or other, but for this group I talk to the people to see when they’re free. I want to check when are the best times for them – sometimes we do it at different times of the day depending on people’s schedules.”

Lovdy Desjardins said she took part in the walks last year and will definitely be back this year. She called the program a great opportunity for “like-minded people” to get out and exercise.

“I’m not someone who likes going to the gym and it also helps me find out about this neighborhood because we pick a different spot and walk around,” Desjardins said. “It’s an opportunity for me to one, be out in the fresh air, and two, to know the neighborhood, and three, there are other women who come along and I get to know people that live out here in Orléans.”

Anyone interested in attending an urban walk can register with the PIOC at www.pioc.ca or can email Siegel at lois@siegelproductions.ca for more information.

-- Jamie Harkins

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