Letter to the Editor:
Yard Waste Collection

Lois and her yard waste

©Photo by Tom Robertson
Lois Hugging her Garbage

Today was an exciting day. I'm a lucky ducky. A friend of mine, Tom Robertson, drove in from Montreal with his van. He took me to Navan. We visited the Waste Services Inc. (WSI) for the first time. The NEW RO was there, and the guy at the little hut in the window said that all the news crews had been there. He said he was getting lots of complaints about leaf and yard waste. He also said lots of people had been coming to deposit their bags.

I had 12 bags of leaf and yard waste that had been clogging my garage. Don't even think of putting a car in there. The Godzillas of yard waste have taken over.

We were told to follow the compost signs down a dusty road. It was quite amazing passing the mountains of appliances packed high to the sky, and then there was the sign "Contaminated Soil." I wondered what that meant.

Tom and I unloaded our bags, and he snapped a photo of me. (see below) I was quite happy to get rid of my yard waste and gave all the bags a little hug goodbye.

But then I thought about the 82-year-old lady who said she didn't have a car - what was she to do about her yard waste. She didn't want to bother her neighbors to cart it away for her. Will one of the city councilors offer to pay for a cab so that she can benefit from the same service I've received or will this new system remain two-tier...for the haves and have-nots.

Why are we paying taxes for the honor of transporting our own yard waste?

And what will I do when my friend Tom, 6 feet tall, drives back to Montreal and can't help me (I'm 4' 11 short and shrinking), cart my heavy yard waste away in his big van?

And how about the yard waste that gets all wet. One of my bags exploded as I was lifting it onto the pile. It was soggy and had given up the fight. Will the City of Ottawa pay for a car wash?

The complete pick up service should be reinstated. The original pick up dates, I assume, were there because that's how often residents required this service.

Someone isn't thinking clearly...someone who has the luxury of taking off from City Hall before a vote is taken. Someone who is not living up to his responsibilities. Someone who makes excuses as to why they couldn't stay for the vote. I'll bet people who work in high tech or medicine can't tell their boss they need to baby-sit and can't stay to work late at night.

It's not too late to call a mistrial and re-vote.

—Lois Siegel


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