Epiphany’s Little Mischief  

Marino Simioni
Paul Schaub and Gerard Lavelle
January 2017

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Gerard Lavelle, Jeanne d'Arc Sharp
Gayle Jabour, Lise Boisvenu Lyscom

Gayle Davidson, Sandy Davidson
Gayle Jabour, Paul Schaub

Moira Dexter, Eileen Patterson
Melina Pugsley, Gayle Davidson

Eileen Patterson, Hermina Wang
Nijole Kauslauskas-Deskin, Patricia Woods

Moira Dexter, Paul Schaub, Suzanne Gumpert, Michael Pare

Patricia Woods,
Jean-Guy Dumoulin, Gerard Lavelle

Diane Bovin

Gerard Lavelle, Elizabeth Bokor, Kym Ashton

Stewart MacDermaid, Lise Boisvenu Lyscom

Bill Pugsley, Anne Hewat

Albert Benoit, Fatos Baudouin

André Malard and Ingrid McCarthy

Nijole Kauslauskas-Deskin, Suzanne Gumpert

Elizabeth Bokor, Kym Ashton

Charles Villanyi Bokor, Stewart MacDermaid

Hermina Wang, Yale Cheng

Kym Ashton, Jean-Guy Dumoulin

Suzanne Gumpert, Albert Benoit

Moira Dexter, Bill Pugsley 

Lise Boisvenu Lyscom, Mike Lyscom

Albert Benoit
Dr. Rosemarie Hoey

Sandy Davidson,
Gayle Jabour

Yale Cheng, Jean-Guy Dumoulin

Gerard Lavelle, Ingrid McCarthy

Albert Benoit, Stewart MacDermaid

Marc Baudouin

Dennis Deskin

Anne Hewat

Art by Bhat Boy

Indeed, 'twas mischief afoot with spirit and spirits, Irish,
literary and otherwise.  A touch of blarney and lashings of irony too. Perfect for Epiphany with so many riffs on the  word and
The Dubliners.

Many of you enjoyed Professor Rosemarie Hoey in the back room providing a gloss on James Joyce.  The Dubliners, in fact, is a book of losers. Almost all characters in the short stories and novella, "The Dead”, are losers. Paul and  Gerard, however, consider all our guests WINNERS, every one of you. Our WINNER friends  who pulled us, cheered us, through the disastrous  2016! You invited us to your homes, you invited us to dine out, you treated us to fun events, and you showered us with many gifts, chief of which have been your bright minds and laughing company.

How’s that for a touch of mischief? How’s that for an ‘epiphany' or explosion of recognition?

The celery in spoon holder, the silver wrapped candies, the Christmas cake (instead of plum pudding) all come from Joyce’s book and John Houston’s film, The Dead, and, of course, the feast of the Epiphany, Little Christmas. The Bewley’s box and Bushmill’s were added touches. And since Paul and Gerard wished to  thank winners, all these touches created cheery motifs to wrap around our appreciation.

So much more mischief around Epiphany but that’s for you, if you wish, to explore in a fine, sparkling 2017.

Paul and Gerard carouse to your health! 

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