National Fiddling Day
Parliament Hill

A Senate Reception took place
 Wednesday, May 13, 2015
in honour of the passing of the National Fiddling Day Act
A "Kitchen Party" was enjoyed by Members of the Senate
Members of Parliament and
Parliamentary staff

 Canadian Traditional fiddle music
filled the air in the Courtyard
of Parliament
A grand time was had by all

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Photos by Lois Siegel

Senator Elizabeth Hubley

Senator Elizabeth Hubley, Prince Edward Island
Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen, New Brunswick
Senator David Smith, Ontario

A special commemorative tune composed by Kelli Trottier
is performed, ending with "Oh Canada"

MP Tilley O'Neill-Gordon, Miramichi, New Brunswick
Senator Elizabeth Hubley
Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen
Senator David Smith

Ron Bourque, President, Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Step Dancer Kelli Trottier

Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen
Senator David Smith

Graham Crate, Ron Bourque, Elly Wedge

MP Tilley O'Neill-Gordon

Senator Elizabeth Hubley

J. Gregory Peters, Usher of the Black Rod (Chief Protocol Officer)

Loretta Fitzpatrick, J. Gregory Peters

Step Dancer Elly Wedge

Dorothy Goubault
Graham Sheppard, Vice President
Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Elly Wedge, Fiddler – Background: Kristin Grzegorek (her mother)

Ottawa Rocks

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