Young Strings Performers' Foundation

Guest Performers
Trio Neutrino

Daniel Wade (15) , Yuyang Xie (15), Stuart Matthews (14)

Ottawa/Vienna Exchange Tour
October 7 - 14, 2015

Twelve young musicians from the
National Capital Region
will visit the capital of Austria to perform
for Vienna audiences and interact with their
musical peers who will visit Ottawa - Spring 2016

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Photos by Lois Siegel

An afternoon of music and refreshments
 at the home of
Gloria and Alexander Macklin

Daniel Wade, Yuyang Xie, Stuart Matthews
Gloria and Alexander Macklin

YSPF, founded in 2002,
provides performance opportunities
to young, talented and promising string students.
 It also organizes master classes,
offers loans of donated instruments,
and presents annual bursaries.
The goal is to encourage,
support and nurture young talents
YSPF is a charitable organization

Joan Milkson, President

Daniel Wade, Stuart Matthews,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Beverley McLachlin
Yuyang Xie

Daniel Wade, Stuart Matthews,
Loretta Loria-Riedel, wife of Austrian Ambassador Arno Riedel

Grace Bruno, Alexander Macklin, Laurence Wall,  Jane Forsyth

Beverley Hyde
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada
Beverley McLachlin

Peter Hyde

Alexander Macklin

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