War Museum

As a direct response to 9/11, 2001,
Afghanistan erupted into a violent battle zone.
Journalists Stephen Thorne and Garth Pritchard’s
emotionally provoking images,
"Afghanistan: A Glimpse of War,"
are now on display
at the Canadian War Museum, 1 Vimy Place.
 January 2008

Stephen Thorne and Garth Pritchard

Writer/photographer Thorne and documentary filmmaker Pritchard’s images are different from what you see on television or read in the papers.  The images will haunt you, but you will also witness the humanity of the people involved in wars.  Not everyone wants peace,
but there are glimpses of those who would do anything to obtain it.

Writer/Journalist Stephen Thorne
Boy with No Legs

The exhibition is a collection of personal stories
about life and death, focusing on
Canada’s military mission in a
country ravaged by destruction for over 25 years.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel

Khorshied Samad, wife of the Afghanistan Ambassador
Safia Siddiqi,
elected member of Afghanistan's Parliament
Afghanistan Ambassador Omar Samad

The Canadian Press (CP)
Patti Tasko, Senior Supervising Editor
Stephen Thorne, Reporter/Photographer, Ottawa
Scott White, Editor-in-Chief, Toronto
Dean Beeby, Deputy Bureau Chief, Ottawa

Stephen Thorne
 Factory Workers in Kabul

Haraya String Quartet
Playing everything from Scott Joplin to  the Brandenburg Concerto #3o0

Dr. Victor Rabinovitch,  President and CEO
 of the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Bev Oda, Heritage Minister

Afghanistan Ambassador Omar Samad

Stephen Thorne
Paula and Neil Wight: Longview, Alberta

Stephen Thorne
Tony Glen
War Museum Exhibition Planner

Safi Asif, husband of Safia Siddiqi
Safia Siddiqi, elected member of Afghanistan's Parliament
Ghulam Ghairat

Andrew Zdunich and Stephen Thorne

Andrew Zdunich

Terresa McIntosh
The Portrait Gallery Canada
Director Strategic Initiatives and Planning
June Creelman
Apropos Planning

Charles Frost

Victor and Djuro Radakovic

Ottawa Rocks

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