The Ancestors Are Arranging Things

Michele Gaudry

Tribute to the Original People & Fundraiser
for The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre
"OmÓmiwininý PimÓdjwowin"
Ottawa City Hall
May, 2012

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
ęPhotos by Lois Siegel

"Manido Makwa"
(Spirit of the Bear)
Michele Gaudry and the Women of

Marion Amikons

Michele Gervais

Jacqueline Sarazin

The Drum


The skin of the drum is rawhide.
The pouches enclose tobacco and medicine for protection.
A bear claw is hung and sweet grass is placed around the top for cleansing.
Tassels hang from the drum.

Found in the woods, the  ash or cedar stick, includes four colours:
black, red, yellow, white - representing different people.

The stick is found in the woods - ash or cedar.

A ceremony is conducted every time a new drum is made.

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