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Allan King


Canadian Filmmaker Allan King was presented
The Canadian Conference of the Arts National Arts Award
Diplôme d'honneur 2008
Lord Elgin Hotel, Ottawa
March 12, 2009

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
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Thinking about how sad I feel at Allan's death, I realized that I knew Allan for over 40 years and worked with him closely at the Committee on Television and the Council of Canadian Filmmakers in the 70s. Over this span of time, I was always amazed at his gentleness, generosity of spirit, and erudition.
 Few filmmakers had such an impact on their community as Allan did, which he was always trying
to improve, and he was always open to the young - a natural mentor.
Kirwin Cox

Allan King
Sturla Gunnarsson, President of the Directors Guild of Canada

Senator Tommy Banks, Allan King, Sturla Gunnarsson

Alain Pineau, National Director Canadian Conference of the Arts
Allan King

Allan King
Will Inrig
Recipient of the 3rd Annual Lindalee Tracey Award
For his film "The Fantastic Ballet of the Mind and Its Master" about his autistic brother

Allan King
Will Inrig

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