The Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival
Gilles Apap

Gilles Apap is not your conventional musician.
He combines all the styles of music he knows into a new experiment.
He might start with what you recognize as Vivaldi's "Four Seasons,"
and then break into whistling or singing.

A classical piece might transform into a fiddle jig
or an old-time, down-home tune.

You can never predict what will happen at an Apap concert.

Traditionalists are often shocked at what he does with music.
Others are absolutely delighted.

In any case, hearing him is a rare experience.
I definitely recommend it.

©Photos by Lois Siegel

University of Ottawa

Stephen Sitarski, Renée-Paule Gauthier

Timothy McCoy

 Marc Djokic, Jonathan Swartz, Donnie Deacon

Donnie Deacon, Marie Bouchard (background), Amanda Goodburn, Yosef Tamir

Tim McCoy, Gilles Apap

Csaba Koczo

Gilles Apap Singing

Theresa Rudolph

Donnie Deacon

Renée-Paule Gauthier, Marc Djokic

Marie Bouchard

Fiddle Rehearsal

Gilles Apap

Studio Sparks

Studio Sparks offers three hours of classical music
 along with the best in classic jazz, world and other musical styles
 recorded in Canada and around the world

Broadcast live from a storefront studio looking onto
 the Sparks Street pedestrian mall
Studio Sparks provides music and conversation to a national audience

Eric Friesen

Myriam Lafargue, Gilles Apap

Wendy Robbins, Executive Producer, CBC Studio Sparks

Old Friends from the Yukon

Ralph Klein Former Premier of  Alberta
Alexa Wall

Gilles, Eric, Myriam

Have Violin, Will Travel

Colin Cooke, Past President, Ottawa Chamber Music Society
Myriam Lafargue
Karen St. Aubin, Communications Officer & Special Events Coordinator, Ottawa Chamber Music Society
Kelly Storie, Ottawa Chamber Music Society
Gilles Apap


First in Line

Rob Crosbie and Laura Nerenberg

Gilles Apap, Jonathan Swartz

Marie Bouchard

Dominion-Chalmers United Church

Gilles Apap

Myriam Lafargue

Whistling Vivaldi

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Ottawa Rocks

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