Bistro Cordon Bleu

Sculpture by Armando Baisas

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa’s has a new bistro.
It's a full-service, fine-dining restaurant
 and it's run and staffed entirely by students.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
©Photos by Lois Siegel

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The Bistro is located in the Salle Cointreau
 of Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute
 in Sandy Hill
Thursday and Fridays at noon.

Sculpture by Armando Baisas

Chef Christian Faure, Chef Armando Baisas, Travis Skinner, Nitin Mehra, Afik Gal, Jennifer Lovallo, Joyce Wong, Chef Benoit Gelinotte

Jennifer Lovallo, Chef Benoit Gelinotte

Noel Buckley, President, Ottawa Tourism
Ron Eade, Food Editor, The Ottawa Citizen
Angie MacRae and Stacey Metulynsky, TV Co-Hosts, "This Food That Wine"

Cod quenelles with Nantua sauce
Cod dumpling, saffron-infused sauce, with crayfish and lobster

Amal Atifi, Les Éditions Debeur, Gastronomic Guide
Nicole Nussbaumer

Josie Geuer, Hot 89.9 FM
Pamela Bakalian, Marketing Department, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa
Denise Leblanc , A-Channel, Morning Senior Producer
Melissa Rose, A-Channel, Morning Producer

Mark Hsiong

Chandra McDonald, Hot 89.9 FM
Katfish Morgan, Live 88.5 FM
Jessica Stevens, Live 88.5 FM
Laura Kurowski, Hot 89.9 FM

Eyal Goldshtein

George D. Walinga, Financial Controller, Le Cordon Bleu
Michael Blackie,  Perspectives Restaurant, Executive Chef, Brookstreet Hotel
Patrice S. Basille, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Brookstreet

Serge Bruce
Suiteur, Signatures Restaurant

Anne Marie Creskey, Publisher, Embassy Newspaper
Pierre Jury,
Le Droit, Food Critic
Patrick Martin, Chef, Le Cordon Bleu, Mexico City
Gay Cook, food writer,
"Talk of the Town," The Ottawa Citizen

Chicken Fricassée with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Gay Cook
Ron Eade, Food Editor, The Ottawa Citizen

Michael Portigal

Deneen Perrin, Director, Public Relations, Fairmont Château Laurie
Carrie Carter, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Diego Merette, Assistant Maitre d'
Signatures Restaurant

Pamela Bakalian, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Patrick Martin, Chef
Kathy Shaw, Le Cordon Bleu, Academic Director
 and International Affairs

Amal Atifi

Warm Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream

Lillian Irwin
Romeo Vitug

Pierre Jury
 Patrick Martin
Christian Faure, M.O.F. , Le Cordon Bleu International
 Executive Pastry Chef, Signatures Restaurant

Ruth Heeney, Lillian Irwin, Barbara Armstrong

Around the Table
Chandra McDonald, Katfish Morgan, Pamela Bakalian, Jessica Stevens, Josie Geuer, Laura Kurowski

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