The Canadian Association of Journalists
Annual Conference and 2012 Awards

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Photos by Lois Siegel


Official Photographer Canadian Association of Journalists
Awards Gala

  Lois Siegel
 Lois Siegel

Paul Schneidereit, Past President, CAJ

 Kirsten Smith, Editorial Research/Librarian, Postmedia News
Glen McGregor, Reporter, Postmedia News

Diana Frate, Marketing, Hamilton Spectator
Steve Buist, Journalist, Hamilton Spectator

Diane Grant, Producer - The National, CBC
with her husband Gary Grant

Megan Griffith-Greene, Associate Producer Marketplace, CBC News
Andreas Wesley, Producer, CBC News

Lynn Haddrall, Editor-in-Chief, Waterloo Region Record
Jeff Outhit, Reporter, Waterloo Region Record

Blair Barrington, Journalist, Videographer, Editor
Erin Moore, Faculty: Radio & Television Arts, Applied Arts & New Media
Nova Scotia Community College

Heather Rivers, Multimedia Journalist, Woodstock Sentinel-Review
Brad Davey, Executive Director, ConnexOntario
Health Services Information

Philip Ling, Field Producer, CTV National News
Laura Payton, Senior Writer/Online/Parliamentary Bureau, CBC
Nick Taylor-Vaisey,
Reporter, Maclean's

Anja Karadeglia, Administrator, CAJ
Paul Schneidereit, Past President, CAJ
David Wiwchar, Operations Manager, PEAK, 93.3 FM

Annie Burns-Pieper,  Investigative Unit Toronto, CBC
Geoff Leo, Investigative Unit Saskatchewan, CBC
Natalie Clancy, Investigative Unit Vancouver, CBC

Elizabeth Thompson, Journalist, iPolitics
Anna Luengo, Administrator, Massey College, University of Toronto
Emmanuel Marchand, Investigative Producer, Radio-Canada

Malorie Bertrand, Communications Officer,
Elizabeth Shilts, Director Communications,
S. Blair Dickerson, Vice President, Natural Sciences and Engineering
Research Council of Canada
Yves Melanson, Coordinator Media Relations,

Marissa Nelson, Senior Director/Digital News, CBC News & Centres
Wendy Kan, Program Manager, The Canadian Journalism Foundation
Natalie Turvey, Executive Director, The Canadian Journalism Foundation
Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor,

(Left to Right) Angela Prokopiak, Kara Weiler, Stephen McGurk, Marc Ellison
Kelly Haggart, Laurent Elder, Kevin Tiessen, Isabelle Bourgeault-Tasse
International Development Research Centre

Carleton University Journalism Students, 4th Year
Jakob Kuzyk, News Editor, Charlatan
 Shamit Tushakiran, Web Editor, Charlatan
 Caresse Ley

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