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Ottawa speaks and sings out to protest the CBC lockout

The evening will feature Luba Goy of Royal Canadian Air Farce
 and Shelagh Rogers of CBC Radio’s Sounds Like Canada

Host Alex Munter will also be joined by an impressive lineup of speakers and performers,
 including Marion Dewar, Ian Tamblyn, Senator Jim Munson, The Mighty Popo,
 Julian Armour, Heather Menzies, Ember Swift, Anthony Germain, Jennifer Noxon,
Arthur McGregor and Clive Doucet

Glebe Collegiate Auditorium

Photos by Lois Siegel

Luba Goy
Royal Canadian Air Farce

Shelagh Rogers
CBC Radio
"Sounds Like Canada"

Ian Tamblyn

Ottawa Mayor Bob Chiarelli

Alex Munter

Jennifer Noxon

The Mighty Popo
2005 Juno Award Winner
World Music Album of the Year

Baobab Youth Performers

Luba Goy
Royal Canadian Air Farce

David Halton
Former CBC News Reporter

Nubia Sermeno

Arthur Lewis
Executive Director of Our Public Airwaves

Arthur McGregor
The Ottawa Folklore Centre

Senator Jim Munson

Marion Dewar
Former Mayor of Ottawa

Paul Dewar
NDP Candidate
Son of Former Mayor of Ottawa
Marion Dewar


Henna Sodhi (12-years-old)

Julian Armour
Ottawa Chamber Music Festival
 Artistic Director

Gil Levine

Clive Doucet
City Councillor

Anthony Germain
CBC Host of "Ottawa Morning" and "The House: The Week in National Politics

Ember Swift and Lyndell Montgomery

Some of these photos first appeared in
The Glebe Report

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