Dangerous Dance Gala
Museum of Civilization, Grand Hall
In Support of the Canada Dance Festival Society


Honorary Chair, Evelyn Hart

The Canada Dance Festival Society
 is a non-profit performing arts organization
 that represents the discipline of dance as a contemporary art form

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel

Let's Dance Studio
Ballroom Dancers
Alexandre Poulet and Valerie Emond

Odette Gough
 Ken Rockburn
 Host of the political newsmagazine "Talk Politics"
The Canadian Public Affairs Channel (CPAC)

Peter Boneham
Governor General's Award
for Lifetime Achievement in the Performing Arts

Ken Rockburn

Zita Nyarady and Amelia Griffin
Professional Training Program in Modern Dance
School of Dance

Alix Sideris, Actor
 Alex MacDonald (Gala Coordinator)
Crystal Gallagher, Volunteer

Lyle Stern
 Board of Directors Ottawa Film Society
Peter Honeywell
Executive Director - Council for the Arts

Evelyn Hart
Liba Bender of PhotoLogo

Evelyn Hart

Mike Heffernan

Olexandra Pruchnicky, Volunteer

Cassandra Silver, Volunteer

Ken Rockburn with Paul and Christiane Racine

Herman Desousa

Richard Newbury, Damian MacLellan, Ester Ritchie

Jennifer Comeau, Volunteer

Margo Roston
The Ottawa Citizen

Gordon Roston
 taught negotiation and community-based
 conflict resolution at
 the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR)
St. Paul University, Ottawa

Crystal Gallagher and Alex MacDonald

Alix Sideris, Liba Bender

Left to Right: Lynn Grassby, Rob Grassby, Coleen Carmody, James MacLaren, Paul Charlton, Jan Hilchie, Richard Hermon, Avril Patrick, Sebastian Citro, and Susan Sweeney Hermon in front of the woman wearing the red boa.

Let's Dance Studio
Ballroom Dancers
Alexandre Poulet and Valerie Emond

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