The Ottawa Traditional Fiddling
 and Folk Art Society
Fiddle Workshop

Ray Legere and Shane Cook


Photo of Lois by Dennis Alexander

İFiddle Workshop Photos by Lois Siegel


Ray and Shane playing "Old Dangerfield" by Bill Monroe

Dennis Alexander
Violin Maintenance

Types of Strings

Don Fletcher, Organizer


Graham Sheppard, Sherryl Fitzpatrick, Bonita LeBlanc

Beth MacGillivray, Bonita LeBlanc

Carole Ann Bennett, Graham Sheppard

Luc Morisset, Robert Froom, Anna Soros, Victor Maltby

Dan Buch, Mary Lynn Wood (front)
Kathleen Bouchard, Alison Houston (second row)

George Armstrong
Fiddle No. 6 by John Katic

Shirley Moss

Kyle Burghout

Charles Francis


Beth MacGillivray

Jane Smarzik

Elly Wedge,                      Kyle Burghout, Ellen Daly
Elly Squared

Jim Hunter

Gaston Bertrand

Catering by Casa Dei Panini

Violins by John Katic

Ottawa Rocks

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Lois Siegel