Canadian Grand Masters

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Grand Masters Champions

Jane Cory Grand Master 2018
1st Place
Winnipeg, MB

Ethan Harty
2nd Place
Strome, AB

Kyle Burghout
3rd Place
Ottawa, ON
Sponsored by the Barrhaven Fiddleheads
Presented by Ron Bourque

In the late 1980s, the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship was conceived
by a group of people
 interested in preserving Canadian
Old-Time Fiddlingand giving
recognition to excellent fiddlers
 from across Canada.
The first competition was held in 1990.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Photos by Lois Siegel

Lifetime Achievement Award

Scott Woods
Fergus, ON
in recognition and appreciation
 for his outstanding contribution to
Old-Time Fiddling

Carolyn Woods, Piano
Scott's Mother

People's Choice Award

Duncan McDougall
Uxbridge, ON
Sponsored by Calvin Vollrath

Waltz with the
Best Old-Time "Feel"

Ethan Harty
Strome, AB
Sponsored by Ann Allen, wife of fiddler
 Ward Allen

Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Cathy Sproule


Michael  Burnyeat - 4th Place

Emma March - 5th Place

Paul Lemelin - 6th Place

Raymond Knorr - 7th place

Lia Gronberg - 8th place

Janelle Melanson - 9th Place

Alanna Jenish - 10th Place

Danny Perreault - 11th Place

Junior Showcase

Lucas Candelino, Barrie, ON

Shade Clark, Vegreville, AB

Anna Smilek, Waterloo, ON


Louis Schryer, Scott Woods, Cathy Sproule

Jane Cory, Cathy Sproule

Ethan Harty, Randy Foster

Kyle Burghout, Ron Bourque

Michael  Burnyeat, Calvin Vollrath

Emma March, Calvin Vollrath

Paul Lemelin, Calvin Vollrath

Raymond, Knorr, Calvin Vollrath

Lia Gronberg, Calvin Vollrath

Janelle Melanson, Calvin Vollrath

Alanna Jenish, Calvin Vollrath

Danny Perreault, Calvin Vollrath

 Special Memorial Feature

During the Grand Masters Ceremony, it was announced
that Ned Landry had just died, August 25, 2018. He was 97.
Landry was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1991

Calvin Vollrath,  Louis Schryer, Ivan Hicks
The Ontario Swing in his honor.

Ivan Hicks


 Trent Bruner

Melika Lemelin Piano
with her son Paul-Jacob
Sudbury, ON  

Calvin Vollrath
St. Paul,

Ben Knorr
Regina, SK

Colleen Jenish

The Judges

Daniel Gervais, Mark Sullivan, Brian Hebert

Top Row: Al Mazur, Bonita Leblanc, Mel McDougall
Geoff Horrocks, Peer Norgaard, Jim Hunter Lois Siegel



Kyle Burghout
Ottawa, ON

Dennis Harrington
Renfrew, ON

Janelle Melanson
Moncton, NB
 Raymond Knorr
 Regina, SK

Friday Night Reception

 Trent Bruner

Mathieu Reimer, Lorrette, MB

Felix Huot - Paul Lemelin's Banjo Player

Robin Comins Unger

Christine Keenan

Bill Smith

Fiddler Andrew Richmond, Tamworth, ON

Mel MacDougall
Former Canadian Grand Masters Director

Fabien Lefebvre

Bea LeBlanc - Grant, Harry Grant

Aylene Gracie, Treasurer
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Paul Lemelin
Sudbury, ON

Emma March
Pembroke, ON

Michael Burnyeat
Vancouver, BC

  Eleanor Foster, Graham Sheppard
Quilt as Fundraiser for CGMFA
 Sponsored by Randy and Eleanor Foster

Mary Lynn Wood, Ron Bourque

Bruce & Kay Armitage, Dennis Alexander

 Vivian Hicks, Tom Kishbaugh, Judy Kishbaugh
Ivan Hicks

Ron Bourque, Dennis Harrington, Bruce Armitage
Dennis Alexander

Mary Lynn Wood

Front Desk

Lorraine Bussiere and Robert Vallee
 Support Staff Back Stage

Paul Lemelin, Sandy Schlieman
 Canadian Grand Masters Secretary

Bill Kereluk
Former Director
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association

 Midnight Party & Jam Session
Mexicali Rosa's

Booker Blakley
Saskatoon, SK

                 Drew Blakley
                  Saskatoon, SK

Mathieu Reimer
Lorette, MB

Colleen Jenish
Oshawa, ON

Colleen Jenish, Booker Blakley, Emma March

Alanna Jenish
Oshawa, ON

Emma March, Janelle Melanson, Alanna Jenish

Sylvie Reimer
Lorette, MB
Veronique Demers
Winnipeg, MB

Mark Sullivan,     Courtney Drew,    Ben Knorr

Quin Etheridge-Pedden, Landzville, BC
Michael Burnyeat, Vancouver, BC

Sylvie and Mathieu Reimer
 Lorette, MB,
Aylene Gracie

Drew and Booker Blakley
Saskatoon, SK

Rodney and Drew Blakley
Saskatoon, SK

Michele Amy

Ryan D'Aoust

Caitlin Baker
Grand Rapids, MB

Drew, Rodney, Booker Blakley
Saskatoon, SK

Ethan Harty, Emma March, Raymond Knorr,
Will March, Janelle Melanson

                 Booker Blakley, Trent Bruner                    

Lois Siegel
Ottawa, ON


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