Restaurant 18

Byward Market
18 York Street

Gustav Trägårdh

Restaurant 18 and the Swedish Embassy hosted Sweden's 2010 Chef of the Year at a
Special Dinner - a Unique 5-Course Menu
October 2011

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Finnish Ambassador Risto Piipponen and his wife Marjatta
Swedish Ambassador
Teppo Tauriainen

Icelandic Ambassador Sigridur Anna Thordardottir
 and her husband
Jon Thorsteinsson

Marie Devlin, Swedish Embassy
Gustav Trägårdh, Swedish Chef
Swedish Ambassador Teppo Tauriainen

Amber Kraan, Line Cook
Gustav Trägårdh

Enoki Mushrooms

King Oyster Mushroom
Relative of Enoki


Venison Tartar, Whitefish Roe, and Lobster Mayonnaise
with Pickled Cucumber, Smoked Quail Egg, Watercress
 and Rye Bread Crisp


 Matthew Carmichael, Executive Chef, Restaurant 18

Gustav Trägårdh

Cole Baker, Chef, Swedish Embassy
Evangeline Cauchi, Pastry Chef
Dark Chocolate Mousse
with Brambleberry Sorbet and Hazelnut Nougat


Fried Parsley
Khaled Boubess

Amber Kraan

Ashton Harvey
Root Vegetables
Parsnips, Jerusalem Artichokes, Celeriac
Anchovy Liquid, Clarified Butter

Halibut, Oyster and Horseradish with Light Root Vegetables
Anchovy and Oyster-Browned Butter Broth

Goat Cheese Brioche with Cloudberry Preserve

Ottawa Rocks

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