Studio Sparks

Studio Sparks offers three hours of classical music
 along with the best in classic jazz, world and other musical styles
 recorded in Canada and around the world

Broadcast live from a storefront studio looking onto
 the Sparks Street pedestrian mall
Studio Sparks provides music and conversation to a national audience

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Eric Friesen

The Joe Trio

 Traditional Music Played in Untraditional Ways

Cameron Wilson (violin), Allen Stiles (piano), Charles Inkman (cello)

Allen Stiles

Charles Inkman

Cameron Wilson

The unpredictable and diverse Joe Trio introduces
 its repertoire of the classics from Haydn to Shostakovich
 new works by contemporary composers
 and original arrangements of popular, jazz, and rock tunes

Presenting the History of American Music in 20 Minutes
with Apologies to Henry Mancini, Opus I
Nine Variations on a Theme from
"The Pink Panther"

On a regular basis, Eric welcomes a studio audience into
 the Studio Sparks performance area for live music and interviews

Marc Parizeau
Recording Engineer

Blayne Paige, Camera Operator
 and Cameron Wilson

Listening to 40% Classical
60% Fun - Wacky Music

Anne Cure (front center)
Al Rondeau (back left)
Divertimento Orchestra

Ottawa Rocks

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