Midsummer Mischief

Paul Schaub and Gerard Lavelle's
à Sept Drinks"

       Caroline Vu's Book Launch
"That Summer in Provincetown"

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Saturday, August 15, 2015
West Wellington neighbours, friends and
Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra
 enjoyed Prosecco and Todric’s canapés
in celebration of Caroline Vu’s second book,
"That Summer in Provincetown"

Aleks Karaceper
 impeccable, invisible service for 44 attendees
in spite of torrid heat

Aleks Karaceper, Gerard Lavelle, Caroline Vu

Caroline Vu

Gerard Lavelle, Louise Lafleur
Robert Lafleur, President,
Friend of the National Arts Centre Orchestra

Gerard Lavelle
“Time of Your Life” Co-author, Gayle Jabour      
Amelia Bagnoli

Sandy and Gayle Davidson

Paul Schaub, "Legendary Tailor of Manor Park”
Odette Vaughn

Gail Oleszkowicz,  Mike Lyscom,  Lise Boisvenu Lyscom

Roasted Red Pepper Swirls, Ricotta, Fresh Herb on Asian Pear

Gerard Lavelle, Writer Jenefer Curtis, Audie Ong  

Jean-Guy Dumoulin, Robert Lafleur, Robert Joubert, Philippe Roy

Professor Adje van de Sande, Artist Marian Gaucher  
Gerard Lavelle, Mary Ann Jenkins

Mary McNamara Roy, Philippe Roy
Gerard Lavelle, Moira Dexter, Cortez Kimble, Perfect Books

Clayton Gilders, Mannequin Artist
Paul Schaub


Caroline Vu, Philippe Roy

John Thompson, Mindy Weinreb, Poet  
Gerard Lavelle 

Marjory Kelly, Magda Joubert, Louise Lafleur

Paul Schaub, Louise Blanchet Smith

Cortez Kimble

Caroline Vu, Marian Gaucher, Artist

Jenefer Curtis, Gayle Davidson, Lisa Quan 

Odette Vaughn, Amelia Bagnoli, Hermina Wang

Robert Joubert, Robert Lafleur

Chives Crepe Cornets with Cranberry Roasted  Turkey
 Green Beans, Julienned Carrots and Celery

Marjory Kelly

 Dr. Rosemarie Hoey
Creator of Carleton’s “Giller Effect” Course
Gerard Lavelle 

Gail Oleszkowizc, Gerard Lavelle, Mary Moore, Caroline Vu

Paul Schaub, Yale Cheng and Hermina Wang
(Parents of Cheng2 Duo Bryan and Silvie)

Crostini with  Prosciutto, Ricotta, and Fresh Fig

Louise Lafleur
and Her Shoes

Gerard Lavelle
Melina Pugsley, Chair of Embassy Concerts
Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra

Melina's Arm

Gerard Lavelle, Magda Joubert

Patricia Woods, Wife of Jean-Guy
Past President of
Friends of the National Arts Centre Orchestra
Melina Pugsley

Dennis Deskin

Clayton Gilders

Venetian cocktail bar sandwiches
Apple-Tomato Chutney and Marinated Eggplant
Smoked Salmon with Capers/Gherkins Spread
Pink Cream Cheese and Watercress
Cucumber and Sprout

Gayle Jabour, Lisa Quan

Janna van de Sande, Gerard Lavelle

Ian Shaw, poet Con Cu, of Deux Voilliers
He published Caroline’s first book, “Palawan Story”

Mindy Weinreb, Poet
Gerard Lavelle   

Moira Dexter, Louise Lafleur

Janet McNamara

Ron Allen, Lise Lyscom

Mary Ann Jenkins

Louise Lafleur, Jean-Guy Dumoulin

Paul Schaub

Professor Adje van de Sande

Melina Pugsley, Nijole Kauslauskas-Deskin
Dennis Deskin, Paul Schaub, Bill Pugsley

Adje van de Sande, Gail Oleszkowicz, Robert Lafleur
Paul Schaub, Philippe Roy, Mary Moore

Lise Boisvenu-Lyscom, Ron Allen, Mike Lyscom
Robert Joubert

Art by Bhat Boy

Ottawa Rocks

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