Roma McMillan
July 5, 1911-
July 4, 2007

Roma started "Mostly Bows” in 1986.
She was a member of the North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame.
In 1988, she won the “Most Entertaining Fiddler” award
 at the Canadian Open Fiddle Contest.

“Mostly Bows,” a volunteer group,
plays for nursing homes, retirement homes,
festivals and social functions.

Roma McMillan's Birthday

Explaining her longevity: "I have a bowl of porridge every morning,
 and fiddle with younger men in the afternoon."

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Front Row (left to right): Arnold MacDonald, Irene McCloskey (piano), Roma McMillan
Back Row:  Stewart  Dick, George Armstrong, Robert Roger, Alain Francoeur, Ken Roy

Born Lachine, Quebec

Hog's Back
On Tuesday nights during the summer,
"Mostly Bows" performs at the kiosk
overlooking the falls

J.J. Clarke and CJOH-TV were there

J. J. Clarke

Roma McMillan

Irene McCloskey

Robert Rogers Lights the Birthday Candles

Alain Francoeur and Stewart Dick

Robert Rogers

George Armstrong

Stewart  Dick

Roma McMillan

Roma McMillan, Arnold MacDonald

George Armstrong, Celine Lavallee, Michelle Castonguay, Irene McCloskey

Roma McMillan and Eva Carrier

Front Row: Irene McCloskey, Roma McMillan
Back Row: Alain Francoeur, Chad Bennett

Chad Bennett, Agnes Bennett, Stewart Dick


Ottawa Rocks

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