The National Arts Centre

Mrs. Dexter and Her Daily

Starring Nicola Cavendish and Fiona Reid

The National Arts Centre
February 17 - March 6, 2010
Written by Joanna McClelland Glass
Directed by Marti Maraden

Opening Night

©Photos by Lois Siegel

©Photo  by Lois Siegel
Marti Maraden, Fiona Reid, Joanna McClelland Glass, Nicola Cavendish

Theatre not to be missed.
Mrs. Dexter and her housekeeper are the same age,
but social status has given them different lives.
Nevertheless, they depend on each other
and have formed a bond and friendship that will last forever.
Dialogue filled with wit, memories, sorrow and laughter.
An experience you will not forget.

Peter Herrndorf, President and CEO, NAC
Marti Maraden

Marti Maraden, Fiona Reid, Peter Herrndorf

Garrett Quirk, Colleen Sutton
 Steve Martin, Owner, The Gladstone Theatre

Jo-Anne Saikaley Sparkes
Gilles Provost, Founder and Former Artistic Director Theatre d'Ile, Gatineau, Quebec

Speaker of the House Peter Milliken
  Don Newman, Broadcast Journalist

Nancy Webster, Managing Director, NAC English Theatre
Peter Hinton, Artistic Director, NAC English Theatre

Pierre Brault and Judi Pearl
Sleeping Dog Theatre

Michelle LeBlanc and Teri Loretto

Joanna McClelland Glass

Ottawa Rocks

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