Tudor Hall was the site for a wild dance party
in support of The National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA
2009 & 2010

800 revelers from across Ottawa twisted and shouted to the
rock'in tunes of the Dave Clarke Five and the Rolling Stones

©Photos by Lois Siegel

Bruce and the Burgers

Bruce MacGregor
Brian MacMillan

Daughter of original lead guitarist, Glen Porteous
Bruce MacGregor, Lead Singer
Bruce and the Burgers

Brian MacMillan
Keyboards and Rhythm Guitar
 Retired Business Teacher

Fred Russell
Retired Science Teacher

Damian McLaughlin, Lead Guitar
 Music Teacher Kemptville High School

Brian MacMillan
Fred Russell, Sax

John Gilmour, Drums
Government Worker

Rocco Romeo, Bass
Music teacher Nepean High School

Glenn Hall, Liba Bender

Stephen Gallagher, Board of Directors, YMCA/YWCA
President, HRDG Consulting Inc.
 Fiona Gilfillan, Former  Board of Directors Chair, YMCA/YWCA
Party Planning Committee

Fiona Gilfillan


Stephen Gallagher

Glenn Hall

Liba Bender

Poodle Skirts

Saddle Shoes

Lois Siegel

Liba Bender

Barbara Dorrell
50's Poodle Skirt
Dancer Extraordinaire, Famous Rolling Stones Fan, Word Perfect on All the Sixties Songs

Winners Twist Contest

Finalists Twist Contest

Barbara Dorrell
Oxana Sawka
Senior Director of Operations, Communications and Marketing Branch
Industry Canada

50's Poodle Skirt

Doris Budd and Francois Juneau

Stephen Gallagher and Fiona Gilfillan

Hikers Bonny Tobin and Donna Shields
Members of Ottawa Rambling Club

Photo by Paul Jean
Lois Siegel

Dr. Jerieta Waltin-James and Annalee Szabadi

Annalee Szabadi, Cardiac OR, Heart Institute, The Ottawa Hospital
 Gabi Szabadi, Owner/Operator Union Auto Parts

Jean-Pierre Soubliere
 Cindy Sezlik, "Condo Guru" - Ottawa

Fiona Gilfillan; Arlene Wortsman, Owner of Arlene Wortsman and Associates; Oxana Sawka

Syd Dubrofsky
Sara Filbee
Assistant Deputy Minister, Lands and Economic Development
 Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Rhona Einbinder-Miller; Fiona Gilfillan
Natalie Szabo, Owner, Pom Pom, Frou Frou, and The Sassy Bead Co.
Robert Nadeau, Trademark Lawyer,: Kerr & Nadeau
Greg Best, Chairman Glebe BIA, Owner Bank St. Framing

Robert Nadeau, Cathy and Jean-Pierre Soubliere, Jordan Ferraro, Cindy Sezlik, Dr. Jerieta Waltin-James

Valerie Douglas, President at DES Inc.
Rhona Einbinder-Miller

Irwin Waller
Professor in the Department of Criminology
 and Co-Founder of the Institute for the Prevention of Crime
at the University of Ottawa

Gabi Szabadi

Ottawa Rocks

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