The Travers Debates
Shaw Centre

Non-Partisan Party
 Verbal Slugfest

James Travers

The R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellowship
 was established following the death in 2011
of legendary Canadian journalist Jim Travers,
a former national affairs columnist, newspaper editor
and foreign correspondent.

Organized by friends of Jim's along with
 honorary co-chairs

The Honourable Bob Rae

The Travers Debates features
an all-star cast of
political and journalistic notables

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Photos by Lois Siegel

Bob Rae
hosted the evening 

He kept the debaters in line as moderator

Rosemary Barton, CBC National Reporter
On Parliament Hill
Power and Politics
was the Debate Master of Ceremonies

And  Kevin Page
prevented any overruns in his role
as official timekeeper
Marie Dumont

Assistant to Kevin

Al MacKay
 Chair of the Organizing Committee

A rousing time was had by all

 First Debate

"Be It Resolved that sock diplomacy
is a valuable tactic in the political playbook" 

Sharon Burnside

Marilyn Gladu, MP and David Cochrane, CBC News
Argued in favour of the motion

Marilyn Gladu

David Cochrane
"Justin Trudeau is our Sockrates"

Nathan Cullen, MP
and Laura Payton,


Nathan Cullen
"Jesus didn't wear socks"

Laura Payton

Second Debate

"Be It Resolved that
Canada is not immune to
Trump-style populism"

Shachi Kurl, Executive Director
Angus Reid Institute

Stephen Maher, Author and
Award-Winning Journalist

Patrick Travers

Shachi Kurl

Bob Rae, Stephen Maher

Laura Payton

Nathan Cullen

Rosemary Barton

Jim Munson
"I have good hair like John Manley"

Hanging Out

Bob Rae
Arlene Perly Rae

Nathan Cullen, MP
Marilyn Gladu, MP

David Cochrane
Marilyn Gladu

Bob Rae, Marilyn Gladu

David Cochrane

Stephen Maher

Peter Kent, Bob Rae

David Cochrane

Peter Boehm, Bob Rae

Camille Labchuk, Elizabeth May

John Delacourt, Roger Smith, Shawn Poulter

Marilyn Gladu, Ed Greenspon, Peter Kent, Rosemary Barton

                 Stephen Maher, Camille Labchuk, Elizabeth May
Katie Sykes, Debra Eindiguer  

Phil Kinsman, Matt Vincelli, Bob Parkins

David Houghton, RBC

Ed Greenspon,
Shachi Kurl

Phil Gibson with his Daughter Nicole

John Delacourt, Leslie Church

Bob Parkins, Louise Taylor

Graham Fraser and his wife Barbara Uteck
Bill Fox

Bob Rae, Patrick Travers, Louisa Taylor

                                     L. Ian MacDonald

Camille Labchuk, Katie Sykes

The Best Socks

Andrew Lockhart, Canadian Bankers Association
Craig W. Robinson, Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Carleton Journalism Students
Caitlyn Rogozynski, Sarah MacFarlane
Rosemary Barton (Journalism Masters Carleton)

Ann McCorquodale, Al's Wife
Leslie-Ann MacKay
Alyson Maher

Leslie-Ann MacKay


Members of the Travers Family
and Michael Trottier

                            Michael Trottier

Patrick Travers
Kathleen Monk, Earnscliffe

Silent Auction

Leslie-Ann MacKay

Michael Trottier

Stephen Maher

Front Desk
Tom Bradley, Jim Hurd

Door Prize

Al Mackay

Media Style
Meaghan Murphy
Ryan Kennery
Allyson Chisnall


Jean-Marc Lagarde

Bob Rea
King of the Hill
"How does Andrew Scheer keep his Dimples
even when he's not smiling"

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