Election Night Party 
Royal Oak on the Canal

221 Echo Drive at the Pretoria Bridge

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
©Photos by Lois Siegel

University of Ottawa's
 Academic Hall

We are outraged by the Conservative government's
 gutting of  arts, culture and heritage programs. 
 In the face of the looming  federal election
 we demand better support for Canada's artists and cultural industries.

The Last Supper

Peter Hinton, Artistic Director, English Theatre,
National Arts Centre
Mark Chatel, Filmmaker and
President of the Alliance des Producteurs Francophones du Canada
Naomi Ridout, CFA, Investment Advisor, Blackmont Capital Inc
Max Berdowski, Executive Director,
Canadian Screen Training Centre
Ann Connors Brophy, Managing Director
Magnetic North Theatre Festival
Peter Duschenes, Artistic Director, Platypus Theatre

Paul Dewar, Sylvie Lemieux, Raphaël Déry,  Mauril Bélanger

March to Parliament

Clive Doucet, Councilor Capital Ward
Pierre Brault, Actor/Playwright

Pixie Cram, Filmmaker
Jennifer Cayley, Former
Co-Founder and Executive Director
of MASC,
an arts education organization bringing artists from diverse disciplines and cultural backgroundsinto schools
 and community settings

Peter Honeywell, Executive Director, Council for the Arts
Anny Champoux,
Fédération culturelle canadienne-française

Christine Tremblay, Executive Director Arts Ottawa East

Pierre Brault, Actor/Playwright

Ottawa Rocks

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