Sens Unique
Past Performances

Bytown Museum
Colonel By Day

Photo by Tom Cole
Marie D
ziel and Lois Siegel
Dancing Horse

Photo by Tom Cole
Chantale Gaudet-Rice
with Ugly Stick: Jean-Guy in Background

Photo by Tom Cole
Lois Siegel

Photo by Tom Cole
Lois Siegel
Dancing Suntan



Canada Day
Petrie Island, Orleans
July 1, 2013

Photo by Paul Jean
Michel-Andre Vallieres, Chantale Gaudet-Rice
 Lois Siegel with Mop-Top Jane, Ugly Stick

Petrie Island is located on the Ottawa River,
in the eastern part of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Our residents absolutely loved Sens Unique,
 and we are hoping to have you back.
Staci Kufsky, T.R.S.
Activity Coordinator
Belcourt Manor Retirement Residence
Chartwell Reit

Sens Unique engaged the audience with
continuous energy.
Kellie Sarazin
Entertainment and Stage Manager
Canada Day
 Petrie Island
Orleans, Ontario

Photo by Tom Cole
Michel-Andre Vallieres

Sens Unique

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