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Anytime Stories

 Ari Liimatainen 


Ari Liimatainen
Finish Artist

"On the Other Side"
Acryl on Paper



Picture for Suomijazz

Arts Network Ottawa

Jeffrey Bihr

Art Cars
Harrod Blank

Art Car Fest
Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland & Santa Cruz

Art Car Fest
Douglas, Arizona

Art Car World
Douglas, Arizona

A r t e a s t

Artists in Canada.Com

ArtArt Scene China

Ai An
Raincoat Series: Fly Away
Tempera on Canvas

August Strindberg and Helium

The Daisy Theatre
by Ronnie Burkett

Ina Klein

Ronnie Burkett is a puppeteer, but not your usual entertainer. He’s way out there… and he creates an experience you will not see anywhere else. This time, his puppets sing and joke in a type of vaudeville routine.  Burkett is part of the show.  He designs his marionettes and controls them. He speaks their voices as you see him in action, hovering above a small theatre, as he adlibs and his puppets dance….

The marionettes are delightful…. Older versions of a world sometimes gone bad. Older versions of what we might become. Sometimes their stories are sad… often their actions make us laugh out loud.  The show changes every night… There are 44 marionettes for Burkett to choose from…. So if you see more than one show, you will see different characters, except for the opening and closing ‘acts’ which are always the same.

This is not The Howdy Doody Show of the 50’s.

Burkett involves the audience in his shows and encourages people to talk to the marionettes, to react to them, “You can do it, Schnitzel, You can climb the theatre
without wings.”


If you are inclined for an adventure in theatre,
this is it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Ronnie Burkett

Camera Club of Ottawa

 Roy Hooper


Dancing Wheels

Frédéric Daty

Benoit David

Mathieu Dubé

"people are strange"

John Pa
ul Early

Mariah Fee
New York City

Bruce Garner

"Butterfly Ma

Body Builder
Dina Goldstein


Philippe Guillerm

Wood Sculpture - "Love at First Sight " -Walnut, Maple, Mahogany.

Grammar Now!

Graphics by 4Yeo


HI-Realism Mannequins

Hot vs. Not

Mary Kritz


In creating my art I use a black pigment pen and start with one line. 
I continue to add lines until I have enough. 
I start connecting the lines and filling in the spaces.  
At times, I use a theme, either as a single piece of work
or for a specific handbound book. 

"In Stitches"

 At other times I create pieces of art when I am moved
 by a life event, piece of music or a visual image. 
I love colour and enjoy working with Indian ink pens and acrylic paints combined with organic materials.

"Ready for the Party"

Book Binder/Book Artist


david lachapelle

Maria  Lezón

Dorothy Love

Adam Magyar

John Marok

Ron Mueck


"Music Man"
Featured on Collective Arts
Rhyme & Reason Beer
Series 3
Eric Fan


© Photo by Rick Dunphy
Orleans Photo Club


Arts Ottawa East


© Photo by Lois Siegel
Ottawa Bagelshop and Deli
The shop is an art gallery, coffee shop, restaurant, deli,
and gourmet food emporium.     
And don't forget the bagels

Ottawa Start

Maria Pellegrini

Perret Opticians

Walter Ostrom
Byzantine Flower

 Ceramicist Walter Ostrom wins Nova Scotia's Portia White Award
Graduate of Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

Lise Pageau

Pink House Studios, Inc.
Life-Modeling Materials







Pondering Pool

RA Photo Club

             ©Photo by Bill YoungMan

Dame Lucie Rie
 Eminent British Potter
Albion Mews studio, 1970s

Saw Video

Brian Seed

Photo by Lois Siegel

Helga Sermat
Ottawa, Canada

Peter Shmelzer

"Got Love"
©Photos  by Lois Siegel

Suzanne Simoni

©Sandy Skoglund
Simmering Madness
Cibachrome Photograph

Street Art

Anne Taintor, Inc.

Rufino Tamayo


Canadian Visual Artist Mike Taylor
Ottawa, Canada

Claude Théberge
Montreal, Canada


Peter Togni Trio 



Thoughtful Gifts of Thinking People

Susan Valyi

Tour de Rigaud, 2007
 bike tire, shoe lasts, wood and resin construction
12” x 32” (12” deep)
includes base

Philippe Weisbecker

Weisbecker was born in Senegal, Africa (1942). He moved to Paris as a child and graduated from the National Decoration Art School (1966). He then moved to New York (1968). The artist currently lives and works in both Paris and New York.

"Just Riffin.."

Eric Wilson
Guelph, Ontairo

Paper Mache Resource

© Photo by Lois Siegel
Johnny Winter & Jon Paris

Dan Witz

World Wide Arts Resources


Yayoi Kusama

Lois Siegel's Home Page