Centrepointe Theatre

Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame
Awards Show

Gail Gavan

Through the years, as country music has evolved, we sometimes tend to forget
about the pioneers in the industry who put their
 hearts and souls into making their special brand of music
come alive in the Ottawa Valley.

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame was founded in 1980.
The Hall of Fame inducts new members each year to recognize those who,
in a variety of ways, have made significant contributions
to promote country music in the Ottawa Valley and Canada.

Official Photographer

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel

 Michael O'Reilly, Host


Gail Gavan

Charlie Kitts

Fred Ducharme

Portrait by Lloyd Kearns

Doug Anderson
Radio Station CKBY-FM

Max Keeping

Lyman Gardiner
The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame

Victor Laurin
Ralph Carlson Memorial Award


Michael O'Reilly Bluegrass Band

Larry Miller (Banjo), Gilles Leclair (Mandolin) Michael O'Reilly (Guitar), Don Patterson (Bass)


John Henry Lacasse

Hughie Scott

Arlene Quinn

Jennifer Johnston

Joe Saunders

Neville Wells

Maureen Fawcett

Bruce Golden

Andy Clarke

Dominic D'Arcy

Vince Lebeau

Brad Scott

George Chenier Jr.

Ray and Glen Adams


The Ottawa Valley Fiddlers

Bruce Armitage, Terri-Lynn Mahuskey, Randy Foster
Carol Kennedy (Piano)
Dennis Harrington, Virginia Schwartz, Bruce Wilson

Hall of Fame Band

Front Row: Wilf Arsenault (Lead Guitar), Peter Dawson (Fiddle ),  Brian Ostrom (Steel Guitar),  Dusty King Jr. (Acoustic Guitar)
 Roger Heroux (Bass)
Back Row: Ed Bimm (Keyboard), Tim McCurdy (Drums), Rodger Coulombe (Banjo, Backup Singer), Lauren Hall (Backup Singer)


Michael O'Reilly dances with Gail Gavan


Gail Gavan and Max Keeping

Gail Gavan and Neville Wells

Hughie Scott and Gail Gavan

Ray Adams

Robin Moir, Singer
Musicians Association of Ottawa-Gatineau
Local 180

John Henry Lacasse and Hughie Scott

Randy Foster and Bruce Armitage

Ken Reynolds
Ottawa area's first country music impresario
Author of "60 Year in Canadian Country Music"

First agent to bring Johnny Cash to Canada.
Ken was Don Messer's manager from 1961-1973.

Glen Adams, Doug Sinclair, Fred Ducharme, Dominic D'Arcy, Ray Adams

Johnny Spinks

Stage Crew


Gail Gavan

Charlie Kitts

Fred Ducharme

Gail Gavan with her sister Joan


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