Centrepointe Theatre

Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame

The McWilliams Brothers
Troy, Justin, Wesley, Arden

Awards Show

Through the years, as country music has
evolved, we sometimes tend to forget
about the pioneers in the industry
who put their hearts and souls
into making their special brand of music
come alive in the Ottawa Valley.

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame
 was founded in 1980. The Hall of Fame inducts new members each year to recognize those who, in a variety of ways, have made significant contributions to promote country music in the Ottawa Valley and Canada.

Official Photographer

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
©Photos by Lois Siegel


JoŽl Lamoureux, Host


Ron Moores

Linda and Vic Garbutt

Adam Hamelin, Dale Ducharme

Mike Hamelin

Neville Wells

Judy and Lyoness Woodstock

Mark Seland

Randall Prescott with Robin Moir
Musician’s Union Award for Years of Service

Jim Long, President
Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors

Dale Ducharme

Charlie Kitts
Backstage Voice


Steve Piticco

Chris McCann

Hugh Scott

Adam Hamelin

Jim Simpson

Ron Moores

Tony True

Dan Paul Rogers

Olivia Charette

The McWilliams Brothers




Clayton, Jared, Arden

 Clayton, Jared
Troy, Justin, Arden

Troy, Justin, Wesley, Arden

Harry Adrain

Neville Wells

Steve Piticco, Michael and Devon O'Reilly

Mike Hamelin

Tom Wilson

Rodger Coulombe, Mike Hamelin, Dale Ducharme

The Claytones

Anders Drerup (Guitar, Vocals), Randall Prescott (Harmonica)

Adam Puddington (Bass),  Kaylen Prescott (Vocals),
 Kelly Prescott (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)
Anders Drerup (Guitar, Vocals),
Randall Prescott (Harmonica)

Adam Puddington (Bass), Steve Piticco (Guitar)
Tracey Brown-Prescott (vocals)

Steve Piticco (Guitar), Tracey Brown-Prescott (vocals),
Kelly Prescott (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Kaylen Prescott (vocals)
Randall Prescott (Harmonica)

Judy and Lyoness Woodstock

Sabrina Ducharme

Hall of Fame Band

Brian Hebert, Eddy Bimm, Brian OstromDusty King Jr.
Mark Lemieux

Rodger Coulombe, Brian Hebert

Front Row: Dusty King Jr. (Bass Guitar), Wilf Arsenault (Rhythm Guitar)
Mark Lemieux (Drums), Jennifer Johnston
(Background vocals)
Rick Rogers (Background Vocals)



Jim Simpson

Robin Moir, Singer
Musicians Association of Ottawa-Gatineau
Local 180
Steve Piticco


The McWilliams Brothers

Back Row
Jared (17), Clayton (15)
Middle Row
Troy (8), Arden (11), Justin (7)
Front Row
Wesley (2)

Hugh Scott

Brian Ostrom, Tony True

Jim Simpson

Neville Wells

Mike and Adam Hamelin

Neville Wells, Hugh Scott, Charlie Kitts

Jim Simpson, Bob and Travis Clermont


Roger Damphousse, Steve Piticco, Randall Prescott, Quincy Damphousse

Roger Damphousse, Steve Piticco, Randall Prescott, Brian Hebert, Quincy Damphousse

Dusty King, Jr., Kathy and Mike Hamelin, Dusty's wife, Gina French Dustin

Kathy and Mike Hamelin, Brian Hebert

Dusty King, Jr., Mike Hamelin

Wilf Arsenault                George                        Betty Sparling 

Gil Charron,
Lorne Daley, Brian Ostrom

Brian Ostrom, Dale Ducharme

Paintings by Lloyd Kearns

Linda and Vic Garbutt

Mike Hamelin

Randall Prescott

Judy and Lyoness Woodstock

Tony True

Ward Allen

Ottawa Rocks

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