Centrepointe Theatre

Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame

Bob, Julie, Jennifer Johnston

Awards Show

Through the years, as country music has
evolved, we sometimes tend to forget
about the pioneers in the industry
who put their hearts and souls
into making their special brand of music
come alive in the Ottawa Valley.

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame
 was founded in 1980. The Hall of Fame inducts
new members each year to recognize those who,
 in a variety of ways, have made significant contributions
to promote country music in the Ottawa Valley and Canada.

Official Photographer

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel


Christa Pare, Jason Marshall


Al Schutt, Palmer Rapids Twin Music Festival
Judi Moffatt

Robert (Bob) Johnston
Guy Jamieson


Dan and Debralee Ducharme

Dale and Dan Ducharme

Debralee and Dale Ducharme

Dale Ducharme

Kelli Trottier
Bobby Lalonde

Kelli Trottier, Inductee

Sabrina Ducharme, Christa Pare and Jason Marshall (Co-Hosts)

Jim Long, President
Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame Board of Directors

Sabrina Ducharme

Donna Hamilton received the Ralph Carlson Memorial Award during the evening.


Bob, Julie, Jennifer Johnston

Yvan Petit

Peter Dawson

Lauren Hall

Brad Scott

Christa Pare

Dennis Whitty

Roger Heroux

Andy Clarke

Bobby Lalonde

Davey Drummond

Don O'Neill

Don Cochrane

Delaney Grant 

Sneezy Waters

Dale and Sabrina Ducharme

Jef and Marlene Leeson

Rodger Coulombe, Dale Ducharme

Dan and Dale Ducharme

Rodger Coulombe, Dale Ducharme, Mike Hamelin

Sabrina Ducharme

Rodger Coulombe, Jennifer Johnston

The Plager Brothers
Jeff and Jamie

Sabrina Ducharme

Brian Hebert, Bobby Lalonde

Bailey Rogers

Joanne Dubeau

Kellie Trottier




Bobby Lalonde

Wilf Arsenault


Sneezy Waters

Andy Clarke

Jeff Leesom, Davey Drummond, Don Cochrane
Sneezy Waters, Bobby Lalonde

Bobby Lalonde, Andy Clark, Yvan Petite, Jeff Leesom

Jeff Plager

Yvan Petite, Jeff Leesom

Tony True, Producer/Director

Brian Ostrom, Roger Heroux,
Rodger Coulombe
Wilf Arsenault

Brad Scott

Bob Johnston, 2015 Inductee

Jennifer Johnston (Background vocals)

Peter Dawson

Andy Clarke, Rick Rogers

Jim Long with Bolo Tie

Charlie Kitts, Ghost Vocals

Jason Marshall, Host

Jennifer Johnston; Kelli Trottier; Dale Ducharme
Dusty King Jr., Jason Marshall, Bailey Rogers


Larry Nagora

Dennis Whitty

John Henry Lacasse, Jeff McMunn

Dale Ducharme, Brian Hebert, Joanne Dubeau

Lorne Daley, Roddy McCann, Gil Charron

Robert (Bob) Johnston, Jamie McMunn

Rick and Dan Rogers

Les Lepage, Ron Moores

Victor Laurin, The West Quebec Post
Ralph Carlson Memorial Award
 John Henry Lacasse

Rick  and Kathleen Rogers, Debralee and Dale Ducharme 

Rick Rogers, Dale Ducharme , Brian Hebert,  Joanne Dubeau       

Don, Dan and Dale Ducharme,
Denny Welburn,
Sabrina Ducharme (Hall of Fame Corporate Sign Lady)

Portraits by Charles Ebbs

Dale Ducharme

Kelli Trottier

Robert (Bob) Johnston

Lyle, Jennifer, Cole Armstrong, Bob and Julie Johnston
Andrew Visneskie (behind Julie), Emily Armstrong (green dress)
Denise Johnston, Justin Visneskie (blue shirt), Donny Tolle (grey shirt)

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