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Kyle Kingsbury
Algonquin College Internship Program


Produced by Michael A. Dobbin, Quiet Revolution Pictures, Ottawa, "Eddie" is a co-production with Majika Pictures 
and Denmark's Fridthjof Films
with the support of
Telefilm Canada and The Danish Film Institute

Photo by Lois Siegel
Miriam Norgaard and Michael Dobbin

Filming of the  feature-length dark comedy
 is in the Ottawa/Gatineau area

Shooting is taking place in Val des Monts, Quebec for two weeks.
Other locations include Russell/Vars, and Carlsbad Springs.

The off-beat movie is the satirical story of a once-famous painter
who rediscovers inspiration after he befriends
 a sleepwalking cannibal named Eddie.

Thure Lindhardt

Transporting Body Parts
John McAlpine posing as the lead’s body double

Patrick Arias,  1st Assistant Director
Adam Bowick, Boom Operator
Philippe Kress, Director of Photography, Denmark
Boris Rodriguez, Writer/Director

Photo by Lois Siegel
Boris Rodriguez

"Eddie" is written and directed by Montreal Boris Rodriguez (Havana Kids, Beso Nocturno)

Philippe Kress
Director of Photography

Philippe with Ronnie Fridthjof, Producer, Denmark

"Eddie" stars Thure Lindhart as Lars
(Angels & Demons, Into The Wild)

Dylan Smith
(300, Love & Savagery)

 Georgina Reilly
 (Pontypool, This Movie is Broken)

Al Goulem
 (18 to Life, The Trotsky)

Constable Verner
Paul Braunstein
(Rookie Blue, Train 48)

Stephen McHattie
(James Dean -TV, The Twilight Zone, Seinfeld, L.A. Law, History of Violence, Law & Order)

Patrick Arias
1st Assistant Director

Philippe Kress, Director of Photography
Jesse Turner
1st Camera Assistant

Lizzie Ciesluk
Special Effects Makeup: Prosthetics
with Behind-the-Scenes Cameraman Manny Menezes

Thomas Lamb
One-Armed Man

Jordan Krakower

Lindsey Reeveswhit
Chased Woman

Samantha Caldwell
Key Makeup Artist

Fanny Gauthier
Set Decorator

Tim Winchester, Props Master

 Rodrigo Bolaños, Algonquin College Internship Program

Painting by Eddie

Marcel Aymar
Locations Manager

Sarah Kryszak
Production Coordinator

Nancy Boucher
Line Producer/Production Manager

Colleen Marchand, Art Designer

Tim Winchester, Props Master

Philippe Kress, Director of Photography
Curtis Dickie, Key/ Dolly Grip
Danny McLeod, Assistant Producer
Jason Gallinger, Best Boy Electric

Jesse Turner
1st Camera Assistant

Ashraf Ashfor
2nd Camera Assistant

Jason Gallinger, Best Boy Electric;  Martin Malacek, Daily Electric; Andrew Morphew, 3rd Electric

Frederic Edwards
Sound Mixer

Adam Bowick
Boom Operator

Patrick Kaplin, Grip (front)
Tom Reid, Best Boy Grip

Danny McLeod, Assistant Producer

 Rodrigo Bolaños and Kyle Kingsbury
Algonquin College Internship Program

Photo by Lois Siegel
Michael Dobbin, Producer

Dawn Grant, Special Effects Makeup, On Set
Guillaume Pettigrew, 2nd Assistant Director

Photo by Rodrigo Bolaños
Lois Siegel
Set Photographer and Unit Publicist

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