Front Row: Al Mazur (CGM President), Mark Sullivan (1st Place), Jason DesChamps (CGM Director),
Mel MacDougall, (CGM Director)
Back Row: Chuck Joyce (3rd Place), and Mathew Johnson,
(2nd Place)
Mark Sullivan
Bowmanville, Ontario
Canadian Grand Master - 2005

Centrepointe Theatre

Canadian Grand Masters
Fiddling Championship


In the late 1980s, the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship
 was conceived by a group of people interested in preserving
 Canadian Old-Time Fiddling and giving recognition
 to the excellent fiddlers found across Canada.
The first competition was held in 1990.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel

Chuck Joyce, (3rd Place), Mathew Johnson, (2nd Place), Mark Sullivan, (1st Place)

Al Mazur (CGM President), Mathew Johnson (2nd Place), Roma McMillan (Fiddler)

Al Mazur (CGM President), Chuck Joyce (3rd Place), Donna Cummings

Calvin Vollrath receives a Lifetime Achievement Award
in recognition and appreciation for his outstanding contribution
 to Old-Time Fiddling
Presenter: Fiddler Patti Lamoureux

Junior Showcase
Julie Fitzgerald, Lyndon Coulas, Sydney Wilson, Melanie Beliveau

Special Guest
Richard Wood

The Contestants

Paul Brooks
Mirror, Alberta


Nathan Condon
Kensington, P.E.I.

Yvon Cuillerier
St. Bruno, Quebec

John Calverley
Edmonton, Alberta

Cammy  and Sarah Romanuck
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Trent Freeman
Comox Valley, British Columbia

Evan Citulsky
Rivers, Manitoba

Rebecca Smith
Surrey, British Columbia

Mark Sullivan
Bowmanville, Ontario

Melanie Ostash
Brandon, Manitoba

Dale Amyotte
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dusty Lutwick
Bentley, Alberta

Beth Ogden
Lower Brighton, New Brunswick

Scott Woods
Fergus, Ontario

Chuck Joyce
London, Ontario

Paul Dacier
Chicoutimi, Quebec

Terri-Lynn Mahusky
Renfrew, Ontario

Michel Mallette
Valleyfield, Quebec

Tyler Beckett
Kemble, Ontario

Mathew Johnson
Stratford, Ontario

Pamela Yakabuskie
Pembroke, Ontario

Junior Showcase

Melanie Beliveau
Dieppe, New Brunswick

Lyndon Coulas
Round Lake Centre, Ontario

Sydney Wilson
Prince George, British Columbia

Julie Fitzgerald
Bancroft, Ontario

The Judges
Carl Plohman (Manitoba), Jocelyn Bourque (New Brunswick), Brian Hebert (Ontario)

Friday Night Reception and Dance

Hanging Out

Trying out a fiddle made by Dennis Alexander, Alymer, Quebec

John Calverley and Blaine  Lutwick

Trent Bruner and Richard Wood

Chuck Joyce

Trent Bruner
House Pianist

Beth Ogden

Dale Amyotte

Rebecca Smith

Richard Wood

Nathan Condon

Gary Arsenault

 Yvon Cuillerier

Evan Citulsky and Melanie Ostash

June Cheverie, Gary Arsenault, Nathan Condon

Dusty Lutwick and Paul Brooks

Sherryl Fitzpatrick, Kim Holmes, Yvon Cuillerier, Florence Downie

Len Grace, Fiddle Camp Coordinator (left), Irwin White (right)

Ottawa Rocks

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