Canadian Grand Masters
Fiddling Championship


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Eric Provencher, Oshawa, Ontario (3rd Place)

Julie Fitzgerald
Grand Master 2010
Bancroft, Ontario
(1st Place)

Kyle Charron, Barrie, Ontario (2nd Place)

In the late 1980s, the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship
 was conceived by a group of people
 interested in preserving Canadian Old-Time Fiddling
 and giving recognition to the excellent fiddlers
 found across Canada. The first competition was held in 1990.

ęPhotos by Lois Siegel

Gordon Stobbe
Nova Scotia

Master of Ceremonies

Peter Dawson received a Lifetime Achievement Award
in recognition and appreciation
 for his outstanding contribution to Old-Time Fiddling

Peer Norgaard, President - Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association

The Contestants

Grand Master 2010
Julie Fitzgerald
Bancroft, Ontario

Kyle Charron
Barrie, Ontario
2nd Place

Eric Provencher
Oshawa, Ontario
3rd Place

Anthony Rissesco
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Rosanna Burrill
Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia

Karrnnel Sawitsky
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wesley Hardisty
Fort Simpson, NWT

Kathleen Gorey-McSorley
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Kieran Poile
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Greg Henry
Sombra, Ontario

Cassie Anne MacDonald
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Adam LeBlanc
Memramcook, New Brunswick

Michael Audette
Lorette, Manitoba

Kaitlyn Obedzinski
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Braden Gates
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Paul Lemelin
Sudbury, Ontario

Paul Dacier

Alex Lamoureux
Courtney, British Columbia

Trent Freeman
Comox, British Columbia

Eric Ross
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Chris Anstey
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sarah Tradewell
Victoria, British Columbia

milie Chartier
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Junior Showcase

Jane Cory (14)
Saint Norbert, Manitoba

Benoit Schryer Lefebvre (16)
Desbarats, Ontario

Julie Schryer

Georgia Kuchinsky (16)
with her father Jay, Guitar
Edmonton, Alberta

Renee and Danelle Doucet
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

Celine (11), Renee (17) and Danelle Doucet (11)


Martine Billette (Piano)

Jake Charron (Piano and Guitar)

The Judges

Calvin Vollrath (Alberta), Mark Sullivan (Vancouver), Ray Legere (Nova Scotia)

Calvin Vollrath

Mark Sullivan

Ray Legere


Patti Lamoureux  (B.C.)
Shane Cook (Ontario) Guest Artist, "When Here Meets There"
Sabra MacGillivray (Nova Scotia), Step Dancer
Troy MacGillivray (Nova Scotia) Guest Artist, "When Here Meets There"

Shane Cook

Sarah Tradewell  (B.C.) trying out a Yamaha Electric Violin
Michael Audette (Manitoba)
Wesley Hardisty (NWT)

Kim Holmes, Cassie Anne MacDonald


 Guest Artists

Troy MacGillivray and Shane Cook
Sabra MacGillivray
"When Here Meets There"

Troy MacGillivray

Step Dancer Sabra MacGillivray
Skip Holmes, Guitar

Sarah Robinson

Troy MacGillivray, Jake Charron, Shane Cook, Ray Legare, Skip Holmes

Patti Lamoureux, Shane Cook, Ray Legere

Yamaha Fiddle Won by
Kieran Poile
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Kieran with his brother Graeme  (Guitar)

Yamaha General Manager Steven Butterworth presents a Bow Won by Adam LeBlanc

 Midnight Jam at Darcy McGee's

Front Row: Jay Kuchinsky, Georgia Kuchinsky, Kieran Poile
Back Row: Eric Ross

Peter Dawson

Kathleen Gorey-McSorley

Karrnnel Sawitsky

Trent Freeman

Braden Gates

Eric Ross

Loretta Fitzpatrick, Ron Bourque

Tony Lambert, Kay Small
Air Piano

Ottawa Rocks

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