Canadian Grand Masters

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Shenkman Arts Centre

Greg Henry, Sombra, Ontario (2nd Place)

Tom Fitzgerald
Grand Master 2012
Bancroft, Ontario
(1st Place)

Kyle Charron, Barrie, Ontario,
(3rd Place)

In the late 1980s, the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship was conceived by a group of people
 interested in preserving Canadian Old-Time Fiddling
 and giving recognition to excellent fiddlers
 from across Canada. The first competition was held in 1990.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Gordon Stobbe
Master of Ceremonies

Bonita LeBlanc
Grand Masters Fiddling Association

The Contestants

Presenter Dalton Hein, President, Renfrew County Fiddlers

Grand Master 2012
Tom Fitzgerald
Bancroft, Ontario

Greg Henry,
Sombra, Ontario

2nd Place

Kyle Charron
Barrie, Ontario
3rd Place

Julie Fitzgerald
Bancroft, Ontario

Alex Lamoureux
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Alex Randall
Langley, British Columbia

Stéphanie Labbé
Saint-Charles-de-Drummond, Quebec

Jaylee Hebert
Lutes Mountain, New Brunswick

Émilie Chartier
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Michael Audette
Lorette, Manitoba

Rosanna Burrill
Upper Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia

Eric Provencher
Oshawa, Ontario

Sarah Tradewell
Victoria, British Columbia

Amelie de Arcos
Moncton, New Brunswick

Matthew Contois
 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Braden Gates
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Jane Cory
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Natasha Richard
Moncton, New Brunswick

Deni Stone
Quesnel, British Columbia

Kerry Fitzgerald
Bancroft, Ontario

Paul Lemelin
Sudbury, Ontario

Mathew Johnson
Waterdown, Ontario

Christine Melanson
Moncton, New Brunswick

Janelle Melanson
Moncton, New Brunswick

Junior Showcase

Nicholas Babineau (16)

Adam Reid Johnson (15)

Aynsley Porchak (17)

Louis Schryer receives a Lifetime Achievement Award
 in recognition and appreciation
 for his outstanding contribution to Old-Time Fiddling

 Guest Artist
Calvin Vollrath


 Trent Bruner (Canwood, Saskatchewan)

Jake Charron (Piano and Guitar)
Barrie, Ontario


Troy McGillivray (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Gordon Stobbe
Head Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia

The Judges

Mike Sanyshyn (Cloverdale, BC), Louis Schryer (Chapeau, Quebec), , Kelli Trottier (Kingston, Ontario)

People's Choice Award

Matthew Contois
 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Matthew Contois
 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sponsored by Calvin Vollrath


Yamaha Violin Winners

Jaylee and Janelle

1st Place Prize
SV250 Silent Violin and THR10 amplifier
        Janelle Melanson, Moncton, New Brunswick

2nd Place Prize
SV200 Silent Violin
Jaylee Hebert, Lutes Mountain, New Brunswick


Gordon Stobbe Signals the Tunes
"Big John"

The Fitzgeralds
Kerry, Tom, Julie

Kyle Charron, Alex Lamoureux

Eric Provencher, Matthew Contois

Greg Henry, Rosanna Burrill

Paul Lemelin

Mathew Johnson


Julie Fitzgerald and Calvin Vollrath

Braden Gates, Michael Audette, Rosanna Burrill

Alex Randall

Nicholas Babineau

Fiddlers Brian Hebert and Louis Schryer, 2012 Judge

Mike Sanyshyn, Marg Côté

Ron Bourque, Bonita LeBlanc, Gordon Stobbe

Jim Hunter, Executive, Canadian Grand Masters
Frank Peloquin, Support Staff/Sound Advisor, Shenkman Art Centre

 Midnight Jam Session
D'Arcy McGee's

Bonita LeBlanc

Emily Yarascavitch

Christine Melanson

Kyle Burghout, Michael Audette

Meaghan LaGrandeur, Rosanna Burrill

Janelle Melanson,
Stéphanie Labbé

        Paddy Fitzgerald,                                  Julie Fitzgerald, Tom Fitzgerald

Canadian Grand Masters Executive Board Members
Ron Bourque, Todd Thompson, Margaret
Marg Côté, Patti Lamoureux

Ottawa Rocks

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