Canadian Grand Masters
25th Anniversary

Greg Henry, Corunna, Ontario (2nd Place)

Paul Lemelin Grand Master 2014
Sudbury, Ontario
(1st Place)

Kyle Charron, Barrie, Ontario, (3rd Place)

In the late 1980s, the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Championship was conceived by a group of people
 interested in preserving Canadian Old-Time Fiddling
 and giving recognition to excellent fiddlers
 from across Canada. The first competition was held in 1990.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Gordon Stobbe
Head Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
Master of Ceremonies

Ron Bourque
Grand Masters Fiddling Association

       Grand Masters Fiddling Competition
      Senator Elizabeth Hubley
      Honorary Patron


Grand Masters Champions

Paul Lemelin Grand Master 2014
1st Place

Mary Wright , President, Renfrew County Fiddlers Association
 Paul Lemelin, 1st Place

Arthur McGregor, Ottawa Folklore Centre
Greg Henry, 2nd Place

Ann Allen, wife of fiddler Ward Allen, Ward Allen 1922-1965
Kyle Charron 3rd Place


People's Choice Award

Calvin Vollrath
Danny Perreault, Granby, Quebec
Sponsored by Calvin Vollrath


Lifetime Achievement Award

Denis Lanctot
in recognition and appreciation
 for his outstanding contribution to Old-Time Fiddling

Denis Lanctot and
Senator Elizabeth Hubley

Gordon Stobbe and Denis Lanctot

Denis Lanctot

Louis Schryer

Junior Showcase

Brendan Chartrand
Minnedosa, Manitoba

Brendan Chartrand
Calvin Vollrath, Guitar

Lia Gronberg
Mission, British Columbia


Emma March (16)
Pembroke, Ontario

 Guest Artists

Patti Kusturok (Winnipeg, Manitoba), André Brunet, (L'Épiphanie, Québec) 
Mark Sullivan (Vancouver, British Columbia), Louis Schryer (Chapeau, Quebec)

Podorythmie/Foot Tapping

House Accompaniment

 Trent Bruner (Canwood, Saskatchewan)

Calvin Vollrath (St. Paul, Alberta)


Trent Bruner, Melika Lemelin

Melika Lemelin ( Sudbury, Ontario)

Jim Hunter

The Judges

André Brunet (L'Épiphanie, Québec)
Mark Sullivan (Vancouver, B.C.), Brian Hebert (Pembroke, Ontario)


Tom (Grand Master 2012)
Julie Fitzgerald (
Grand Master 2010)

Paul Lemelin, Alex Kusturok, Ben Plotnick

Greg Henry, Eric Provencher

 Martha Pitre, Janelle Melanson, Jaylee Hebert

Kyle Charron



Ben Knorr (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Alex Kusturok (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Melika Lemelin

 Midnight Party & Jam Session
Square Dancing & Step Dancing
Chances R

André Brunet , Louis Schryer

Ivan and Vivian Hicks

Paul Lemelin Grand Master 2014

Ben Knorr, Tom Fitzgerald

Véronique Demers

Tristen Durocher

Emma March

Kimberley Holmes, Trent Bruner

    Andre Brunet                           Jaylee Hebert,  Eric Provencher

Eric Provencher, Tom Fitzgerald

Kyle Charron

                    Eric Provencher

Raymond Knorr, Amelie de Arcos, Kai Gronberg, Tristen Durocher

Kai Gronberg

Emma March


 Julie Fitzgerald

Melika Lemelin

Brendan Chartrand

Paul Lemelin


       Mary,  Brendan's Uncle                    Ed Whitcomb

 Janelle Melanson

Raymond Knorr

          Julie Fitzgerald,               Paddy Fitzgerald,    

Louis Schryer          

      Senator Elizabeth Hubley
Paul Lemelin

Ottawa Rocks

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