Canadian Grand Masters
25th Anniversary
Fiddle Gala

Canadian Museum of History
Grand Hall
Gatineau, Quebec

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Guest Performers
Canadian Grand Master
Fiddle Champions

Patti Kusturok- Winnipeg, Manitoba
Brunet- L'Épiphanie, Québec 
Mark Sullivan -Vancouver, British Columbia Louis Schryer - Chapeau, Quebec

Trent Bruner,  Calvin Vollrath
 Patti Kusturok,
André Brunet, Mark Sullivan, Louis Schryer

Patti Kusturok, André Brunet,

André Brunet, Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan

Mark Sullivan, Louis Schryer

Patti Kusturok

André Brunet

Louis Schryer

"My Cape Breton Home"

Mark Sullivan, Louis Schryer



Trent Bruner,  Piano
Calvin Vollrath, Guitar

Gordon Stobbe

  Senator Elizabeth Hubley, Honorary Patron, 2014

Ron Bourque, President, Grand Masters Fiddling Association
  Senator Elizabeth Hubley, Honorary Patron, 2014
Graham Sheppard, Vice President
Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Gordon Stobbe, Ivan Hicks

Mark Sullivan, Fiddle
Calvin Vollrath, Guitar

Kimberley Holmes, Sherryl Fitzpatrick
Bb Sisters

Paddy and Julie Fitzgerald
Eric Provencher
Tom Fitzgerald

Dorothy Goubault, Louis Schryer, Senator Elizabeth Hubley

Emma March, Junior Showcase
Mary Fraser, Will March

Alex Kusturok, Contestant
Todd Thompson, Grand Masters Board of Directors, Treasurer
Brian Hebert, Grand Masters Judge

Peer Norgaard

Melika Lemelin, Danny Perreault

Nancy Niss, Helena Guzman-Field

Harry Grant and Bea LeBlanc-Grant

Eric Provencher, Julie, Paddy and Tom Fitzgerald

Ottawa Rocks

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