Canadian Grand Masters
Fiddling Association

Musical Entertainment and Auction Fundraiser
Greenfield’s Pub

Graham Sheppard, MC

Guest Musician

Kelli Trottier

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone

Event Photos
Photos by Lois Siegel

The Barrhaven Fiddleheads

Don Caron, Kelli Trottier
 Ron Bourque, President, Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Kelli Trottier, Jim Hunter

Emily Yarascavitch, Kyle Burghout, Anthony Vial

Anthony Vial

Bruce Armitage, Randy Foster


Helena Guzman-Field
Editor & Website Manager - Staff
Canadian Grand Masters Fiddling Association

Loretta Fitzpatrick

Keith McCambley and friend

Peer Norgaard

Debra and Dave Corkery

Graham Sheppard

Putting on the Step Dancing Shoes

Silent Auction

Ottawa Rocks

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