The Travers Debates
The National Arts Centre

Non-Partisan Party
 Verbal Slugfest
The Ottawa Citizen
May 2016

James Travers

The R. James Travers Foreign Corresponding Fellowship was established following
the death in 2011
of legendary Canadian journalist Jim Travers,
a former national affairs columnist, newspaper editor and foreign correspondent.

Organized by friends of Jim's along with
 honorary co-chairs

The Honourable John Manley

The Honourable Peter Kent

the Travers Debates features
an all-star cast of Ottawa notables.

Photo of Lois by Bill Blackstone
Photos by Lois Siegel

Honorary Co-Chairmen the Hon. Peter Kent
The Honourable John Manley 
hosted the evening 

Rosemary Barton, CBC National Reporter
On Parliament Hill
Power and Politics
was the Debate Master of Ceremonies

The Honourable Bob Rae
kept the debaters in line as moderator

And  Kevin Page
prevented any overruns in his role
as official timekeeper
Fraser MacKay assisted

Al MacKay, Co-Chair of the
Organizing Committee

A rousing, fun time was had by all

 First Debate

"Be It Resolved that heckling is
a Parliamentary privilege and should
be maintained." 

Scott Feschuk, MacLean's

And Ruth Ellen Brosseau, MP
Argued in favour of the motion


Katie Simpson, CBC

And Rodger Cuzner, MP

Kevin Page

Bob Rae

Second Debate

"Be It Resolved that
democracy is facing serious risks
with the decline of legacy media"

Ed Greenspon
Former journalist. President & CEO
 Public Policy Forum
Argued in favour of the motion

Bruce Anderson
Chairman, Abacus Data
Commentator on public opinion and
political affairs

Patrick Travers

Charlie Crabb, Jean Ong, Bailey Reid

Media Style
Twitter Wall

Charlie Crabb

Hanging Out

Don Newman, Shannon Day

Carl Neustaedter, Scott Ferschuk

Peter Kent,
John Manley

Scott Ferschuk

Kate Malloy, Elizabeth May, Arlene Perley Rae

Laurie Kempton, Laura Payton, Susan Harada

Les Whittington, Phil Gibson

Hugh Winsor

Jim Munson

Julie Maloney, Peter Kent

Katie Simpson

Matt Vincelli

Christina Leadlay, John Manley


Rodger Cuzner, Bruce Anderson, Arlene Perley Rae, Bob Rae

Chris McCluskey, Sean Webster

Louisa Taylor

Christopher Robinson

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Rosemary Barton

Ruth Ellen Brosseau

John Manley

Bruce Anderson

Al MacKay


Ed Greenspon

Scott Feschuk, Ed Greenspon

Ed Greenspon, John Manley

Rodger Cuzner, Katie Simpson

Fraser MacKay

Rene Filiatrault
Director of Communications to the DND Minister

Jake Wright
The Hill Times

John Manley


Michael Beaton, Anna Laurence

Silent Auction

Donated by Justin Trudeau

Peter Hum

Charley Gordon

Door Prize

Sheamus Murphy


Bob Rea
King of the Hill

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