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Disfarmer: A Portrait of America

Disfarmer: A Portrait of America
Trailer 2:30 minutes
by Dennis Mohr

In the small mountain town of Heber Springs, the Arkansas portrait photographer known as Mike Disfarmer captured the lives and emotions of the people of rural America during the two World Wars and the Great Depression. This documentary discovers an American master, his influence on the modern Manhattan art world, and the legacy he left behind in his hometown of Heber Springs.

“Disfarmer” is a documentary exploring the two insular communities of Heber Springs, Arkansas and the Modern Manhattan art world, and the long-dead misanthrope who has unwittingly brought the two together.

Richard Avedon referred to Disfarmer’s photography as “indispensable”; his own series of rural portraits, In the American West, published a decade later, reveals a kinship with - and likely the influence of - Disfarmer's unblinking eye.
- The New York Times

The documentary film is in production.

Dennis Mohr, Producer
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